Well, over there are numerous names supplied to refer to a group of horses depending on the animal’s age, gender, and activities they’re involved in.

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Not to issue if you’re confused, I’ve placed together a perform of several of the names used and the context they’re offered in.

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What is a group of horse Called?

The hatchet you will be most acquainted with because that a group of horses is herd.

A herd is a group of steeds or other pets they live and travel together, both for protection and also socialization.

8 Collective nouns That can Be offered for a team of Horses

Below are more names provided for a team of horses.


A group of residential horses reared because that breeding. They are likewise known as stud farms and are vital in keeping a breed, including developing a studbook (a each other registry of steeds of a certain type).


This is an additional name that deserve to be supplied for a stud farm. Girlfriend will often see studs situated in French-speaking nations use this.


I recognize this one will seem a little strange at an initial as this word often refers come the structure in i m sorry the equines are housed. However it can likewise refer come a team of horses regardless of the type of housing the owner has actually them in.

Rag/Bachelor Herd

Used because that a team of colts (uncastrated male steeds that are four years old or younger).

This is miscellaneous you will see among wild horses. This is something you will see among wild horses and also not the tamed horse, as we do not keep in this environment


If you very own some equines or usage some equines for sporting activities or any type of other task often, girlfriend would call that group a string of horses. For example, a polo player will have a cable of polo ponies.


Used to describe a team of modern-day horses that take part together in a sport. Because that instance, team-penning requires a team of at least three horses and also three riders. Another example is the equines used to traction a carriage.


A team of horses used for armed forces purposes.


This is often a smaller section of a herd.

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Horse Herd Ranks and also Dynamics

I expect that removes things up because that you if over there was any type of previous confusion. Now that we recognize some the the names supplied for groups of horses let’s briefly talk about how these horses’ herds room organized.


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