The old and Honorable stimulate of Turtles ("International association of Turtles", "Turtle Club", or comparable title) began as casual "drinking club" between World battle II pilots, self-described as "an honorable drinking fraternity created of ladies and also gentlemen the the highest morals and great character, who are never vulgar."


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Qualifying questions

To gain admission, one need to correctly prize a number (usually 3 or four) from a list of questions, every of which argues a vulgar, lewd, or salacious answer, however the actual exactly answer is rather innocuous. The is assumed that all prospective Turtles own a diabetic donkey, or one of a sweet and also kindly disposition; as such once inducted, a member must reply to the concern "Are you a Turtle?" through "You bet your sweet ass i am." If the member is can not or do not want (perhaps due to the fact that of a society restriction on vulgarity) to administer the exactly answer, the or she fan to each various other turtle current a drink that the recipient"s choice. A large part that the heritage of the order entails the qualifying questions that prospective members have to answer. These fun inquiries are actually tiny riddles: each suggests a vulgar or lewd answer, but the candidate has to administer a fully innocuous answer.

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A popular example would be the question:

What walk a woman do sitting down, the a dog go on three legs, and also a male does stand up?

The evident answer to this concern would be "pee" or "urinate", however the correct answer is "shake hands" (as western etiquette demands that a male needs to climb from his chair to shower hands, while a woman demands not).

What walk a cow have 4 of and a woman just two? What is a 4 letter word finishing in K that method to have actually intercourse? What is it on a man that is round and hard, and also sticks so far out that his pajamas that you can hang a cap on it?

A candidate must answer four from a list of twenty-five of together questions. While over there is a traditional set of questions, some modern-day clubs additionally make up new initiation inquiries along the exact same lines.


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Historical references

During the Mercury-Atlas 8 mission (part the the joined States space program), astronaut Wally Schirra to be asked through a ground controller whether he to be a turtle. No wanting to usage vulgar language while his interactions were being broadcast worldwide, the temporarily quit transmitting while he gave the compelled response.

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Deke Slayton, a mere 3 minutes into Sigma 7"s flight, come on the radio, i m sorry was open up for anyone to hear, and also asked, "Hey, Wally, room you a turtle?" Schirra switched his mic indigenous live to record and uttered the proper response. ~ above the open line, the said, "Rog."

Later, on plank the recovery ship USS Kearsarge, in prior of Slayton, Walt Williams and also the various other astronauts, Walt Williams demanded come know exactly how Schirra replied to Deke"s question. Schirra played the recorder. "Hey, Wally, space you a turtle?" followed by the suitable response. This incident is likewise recounted in Tom Wolfe"s book The ideal Stuff.

Wally Schirra"s member in the ancient Order that Turtles came up again throughout Apollo 7, i m sorry was caught by the in-flight recorder:

President Kennedy was allegedly request if he to be a turtle at a press conference, to which he replied, "I"ll purchase you your drink later."


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References in popular music culture

In the movie grasp of Disguise certification Dana Carvey, he says in a scene, "Am I not turtley sufficient for the tortoise club?" In 1969, Dial documents released the 45rpm single "Are you a Turtle" by rock/soul group The Brotherhood, front by Ben Thayer. The solitary (Dial #4092) became a regional hit in the Southeast. In the novel Timequake, kurt Vonnegut tells john Hickenlooper (son of among Vonnegut"s fraternity brothers) of your asking because that the password throughout "solemn and also sacred occasion, such as the swearing in of new fraternity brothers." On cock Whittinghill"s radio present on KMPC in Los Angeles, among his recurring gags was a sound bite of who asking, "Are friend a turtle?"

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