I walked a thousand also procedures with filthy ash to gain Black Flute which is supposed to repel wild Pokémon. This is what it says:

A glass flute that keeps amethod wild POKéMON.

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And the White one:

A glass flute that lures wild POKéMON.

I"ve check out Bulbapedia on the topic, yet I"m not satisfied - it does not say just how lengthy the result lasts.

I can"t see any effect after using any of these. How lengthy carry out they last?



Black Flute:

Reduces wild Pokémon encounter rate by 50%.

White Flute:

Increases wild Pokémon encounter rate by 50%.

According to Bulbapedia.

Regarding the duration, there"s a dispute around their impacts.

As various world on GameFaqs suggests right here, here and here:

White and also Black Flutes should only job-related for one step each time they are played.

However, on this forum is explained that:

The White Flute and also Black Flutes raise and reduced the encounter price, respectively. They last as long as you"re in the basic area you provided it.

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They soptimal working as quickly as you change displays (I. E. go with a door, enter a cave, etc.) I only know this for Emerald as it"s the just one I"ve played, however I would certainly be interested to hear the outcomes for R/S and also OR/AS.

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answered Jul 11 "20 at 23:02

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