Math jokes because that kids, parents and also teachers are right here – this funny mathematics jokes are good for school and anyone that enjoys mathematics.

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You’ll uncover jokes about an easy math, geometry, calculus, algebra and also other subject locations relating to math. There room jokes the young children will understand, and jokes that just those in high institution may understand (they’re tho kids!).

One the the fun things around math hoax is that it offers parents the chance to talk about a math topic! If they don’t obtain the joke around pi, climate you can explain pi. If they have actually no idea what a polygon is, climate you can display them.

The photo displayed is of one abacus, which is one oblong frame with rows that wires or grooves along which beads are slid, provided for calculating.

Math joke are also a an excellent way because that teachers come lighten increase the mood in the classroom, specifically if college student are gaining frustrated.

Math Jokes because that Kids

Q: What execute mathematicians eat on Halloween? A: Pumpkin Pi.

Q: Why did the girl stay glasses during math class? A: since it enhances di-vison.

Q: Why go the math publication look therefore sad? A: since it had actually so numerous problems..

Q: What geometric number is favor a shed parrot? A: A polygon.

Q: What perform you obtain if you division the circumference of a jack-o-lantern by its diameter? A: Pumpkin pi

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Q: Why perform plants hate math? A: because it offers them square roots.

Q: What does the zero say to the the eight? A: pretty belt. (look at the number 8)

Q: Why go the boy eat his math homework? A: due to the fact that the teacher told the it was a item of cake.

Q: have actually you heard the recent statistics joke? A: Probably.

Q: What walk the acorn say when it grew up? A: Gee, I’m a tree. (geometry)

Q: What to be T. Rex’s favorite number? A: Eight (ate)

Q: What carry out you call an north parrot cage? A: Polygon.

Q: What line are an excellent at act sums? A: Adders (the amount is what you gain when you include numbers)

Q: How have the right to you do time fly? A: litter a clock out the window.

Q: Why did the two 4’s skip lunch? A: They already 8 (ate).

Teacher: What’s 2 and also 2? Student: 4 Teacher: That’s good. Student: Good? That’s perfect!

Knock hit Who’s there? Algy Algy who? Algy-bra

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Q: Why did the teacher write the math difficulty on the window? A: He wanted it come be really clear.

Q: execute you understand a statistics joke? A: Probably, however it’s mean

Q: Why was the math publication sad? A: because it had actually too plenty of problems

Q: What kind of meals execute math teachers eat? A: Square meals

Q: Why go the student carry out multiplication problems on the floor? A: The teacher called him not to usage tables.

Q: What is a mathematician’s favourite dessert? A: Pi

Q: How deserve to you make seven even? A: Take away the “S”

Q: Why didn’t the 4 minutes 1 roll under the hill through the nickel? A: since it had much more cents.

Q: What type of meals do math teachers eat? A: Square meals!

Q: What is a mathematics teacher’s favourite sum? A: Summer.

Q: Why didn’t the 2 4’s want to eat dinner? A: because they currently 8.

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Q: Why go the student execute her multiplication top top the floor? A: since she wasn’t permitted to usage tables.

Q. What U.S. State has the many maths teachers? A. Mathachussets.

Q. What walk the triangle say come the circle? A: You’re pointless.

Q. Why can’t a sleep be 12 inches long? A: since then it would be a foot.

Q. Heard about the mathematical plant? A. It has actually square roots.

Q. What do you get when you overcome a math teacher v a clock? A. Mathema-ticks.

Q: What execute you call numbera the can’t remain still? A: Roamin’ numerals.

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Q. Matt had 60 cookies. The ate 30 that them. What does he have now? A tummy ache.

Q: What to be the caterpillar’s favorite institution subject? A: Mothematics.

Q. What go the circle say to the rectangle? A: You’re together a square.

Q. What’s the king of the pencil case? A. The ruler.

Q. Which tables don’t students need to study? A. Dinner tables.

Q. What walk the math publication say to the psychiatrist? A: Please aid me, I have actually problems.

Q. What do you obtain when you overcome a mathematics teacher with a tree? A. Arithma-sticks.

Q. Why was the obtuse angle so upset? A: since it was never ever right.

Q. Why to be the warlock so poor at math? A: He never ever knew WITCH equation come use.

Q. What go the algebra publication say to the scientific research book? A: Boy, execute I have problems!

Q. What go the math publication say to the background book? A: You recognize you deserve to count ~ above me.


Q: What is a math teacher’s favorite season? A: Sum-mer.

Q. What number can only walk up? A: her age.

Q. What go the square say to the old circle? A: Been roughly long?

Q. Why couldn’t the 6 and also 11 gain married? A: They were under 18.

Q. What is heavier, a pound of feather or a lb of cotton? A: Neither, lock both load a pound.

Q. Why shouldn’t you to speak 288 in school? A: because it’s 2 gross. (Hint: 144 is called a gross)

Q. Where do multiplication difficulties eat breakfast? A: At time tables.

Q: What perform you acquire when you divide the circumference of a Jack-o-lantern through its diameter? A: Pumpkin Pi.

Q. Why didn’t the dime roll under the hill with the nickel? A: due to the fact that it had more cents.

Q. Why did the math book get negative grades? A: It never ever did it’s own work.

Q. Why did the appropriate triangle put the wait conditioner on? A: because it was 90 degrees.

Q: If 1 = 5, 2 = 25, 3 = 125, and 4 = 525 – what is 5 equal to? A: 1

Q. What’s black and also white and also has lots of problems? A: A mathematics test.

Q. Why did the boy keep a leader under his pillow? A: to see just how long he could sleep.

Q. What go the spelling book say come the mathematics book? A: I recognize I deserve to count on you.

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Q. Why to be the geometry book so adorable? A: since it had acute angles.

Q. Why go the student eat her math homework? A: because she heard it to be a piece of cake.

Q. As soon as I asking this question, I want you to answer quickly. Exactly how much is 5 to add 3? A: I claimed I wanted you to answer “Quickly”

Q. How have the right to you make 1 dime same 20-cents? A: by placing it in former of the mirror.

Q. What table can’t girlfriend eat at? A: The multiplication table.

Q. What go the calculator say to the girl? A: I’ll settle all her problems!

Q. What component of her body solves mathematics problems? A: her add-em’s apple.

Q. What was the weather like as soon as the appropriate angle walk swimming? A: It was 90 degrees.

Q. How many women were born in the year 2008? A: None, only babies to be born?

Q. What perform inches follow? A: The ruler.

Q: What carry out you gain when you add 4 apples and also 2 apples? A: A 2nd grade math problem.

Q. What did the girl say come her mathematics book? A: some day, you’re walk to have to solve your very own problems.

Q. Why is glue negative at Math? A: It constantly gets stuck on the problems.

Q. What’s snack is the most popular among teachers in Maine? A: Whoopie Pi.

Q. Why was the snake so great at math? A: He to be an Adder.

Q.How perform you do one vanish? A. Include a ‘G’ to the beginning and it’s gone.

Q. What tool do you use in math? A: Multi-plyers.

Q. What type of tree perform math teachers favor most? A: Geome-tree

Q. What go the circle tell on the tangent line? A: because it kept poignant him.

Q. What is the most well-known dessert because that teachers in Georgia? A: Peach pi.

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Q. Why was the boy looking for after a rain storm? A: he heard the rained one inch and also three soldier — and was looking for the 3 quarters!

Q. Once is a portion not a fraction? A: when it’s a whole.

Q. What it s okay bigger the more you take away? A: A hole.

Q. How plenty of times deserve to you take 5 from 25? A: Once. After that, you would certainly be taking 5 indigenous 20.

Q. If you have actually 50-cents in one pocket and $1 in the other, what execute you have? A: sufficient to buy ice cream.

Q: Why go the two 4’s skip dinner? A: They already 8.

Q. What is the difference between an old dime and a new nickle? A: 5 cents.

Q. What are ten things you can constantly count on? A: her fingers.

Q. What do you get when you overcome a human with a calculator? A: who you can always count on.

Q. What space 20 points you can always count on? A: her fingers and toes.

Q. If 2’s company and 3’s a crowd, the what is 4 and 5? A: 4 and also 5 is 9.

Q. Just how do a cows add? A: with cow-culators.

Q: Why don’t you perform arithmetic roughly lions? A: due to the fact that if you add 4 and also 4 you gain ate.

I ate and also ate ’til I obtained sick top top the floor. 8 time 8 is 64. Urrp.

Q: Where perform math teachers walk on brand-new Year’s Eve? A: times Square

Q: Why go the geometry teacher miss out on class? A: due to the fact that he sprained his angle.

Q. How do cows reach sums? A: By adding one number come an udder one.

Q: What execute you call two friends that love math? A: Algebros

Q. How plenty of seconds room there in a year? A: 12 – January 2nd, February 2nd, march 2nd…

Q. Why to be 8 no friends with 3? A: because 3 was odd.

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