Those reader who have actually complained the I have not been paying any attention come the 1988 presidential project could not be more from the truth.

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Granted, i did no go come the conventions. Granted, I have actually not been out on the campaign trail. Granted, ns did no write about the debate.

But the upcoming presidential election has actually been very much on my mind. In fact, I have been delivering a newspaper clipping about with me for numerous weeks now.

The newspaper trimming points the end what, to me, is one astonishing fact.

Were you aware that 26 of our 39 presidents had actually blue eyes?

It`s true. Twenty-six of those guys had blue eyes. I find this to be the many amazing and also interesting point I have actually learned throughout the long campaign season.

According to the clipping, the eye-color breakdown goes choose this:

Blue eyes-26 presidents.

Gray eyes-6 presidents.

Brown eyes-4 presidents.

Hazel eyes-2 presidents.

Black eyes-1 president.

The eye case gets an extremely complicated-we`ll delve into that in a moment-but an initial let me explain why I find the totality thing so unbelievable.

I have always just type of presume that most men have actually brown eyes. I`ve never seen statistics on it-it simply seemed obvious. This may have something to perform with the fact that I have actually brown eyes and my father has actually brown eyes, but that`s no the whole thing. I don`t know-don`t girlfriend think that most men have brown eyes?

Sure, there are renowned blue-eyed men-Frank Sinatra, Paul Newman-but girlfriend would just think that many men have brown eyes. Wouldn`t you? If most males didn`t have brown eyes, climate the Sinatras and also the Newmans wouldn`t stand out. Right?

Yet the vast bulk of ours presidents have had blue eyes. And-more impressive still!-the second-place eye color for presidents is no brown. The second-place eye shade is gray.

Gray? carry out you understand anyone with gray eyes? and also even if friend do, execute you know an ext people through gray eyes than with brown eyes?

This has actually been keeping me awake at night. What is it around men through blue eyes the gets them elected president? and what around those gray eyes? What`s the deal on that?

The trimming in my pocket did no name the presidents-it just gave the eye colors and also the numbers. For this reason I began poring over books devoted to the background of the presidency. Inexplicably, different history books give different eye-color information. To muddy the waters also further, several of the background books speak that four of our presidents had ""blue-gray"" eyes-a classification not had in the clipping I`ve been carrying. And also after doing this research, i am absolutely encouraged that more than 2 presidents had actually hazel eyes.

Why store you in suspense, though. Below are the presidents, and also my finest information ~ above the shade of your eyes. It is in warned the it doesn`t add up the same method the trimming in my pocket has it. Also, Grover Cleveland will drive you crazy. The was elected president twice, with an additional president in between his terms. Therefore, many history books count him as two presidents, and say that there have actually been 40 presidents. Obviously, though, Grover Cleveland only had actually one pair the eyes. So in real history there may be 40 presidents-but in eye-color background there are only 39.

Here goes.

George Washington, blue-gray eyes; john Adams, blue; thomas Jefferson, hazel; James Madison, brown; James Monroe, blue-gray; man Quincy Adams, black; Andrew Jackson, blue (Old Stonewall-blue eyes?); Martin van Buren, blue; william Henry Harrison, brown.

John Tyler, blue; James Polk, gray; Zachary Taylor, hazel (it figures);

Millard Fillmore, blue; Franklin Pierce, gray; James Buchanan, blue; Abraham Lincoln, gray (huh?); Andrew Johnson, black; Ulysses S. Grant, blue.

Rutherford B. Hayes, blue; James Garfield, blue; Chester A. Arthur, black (of course); Grover Cleveland, blue (but only once); Benjamin Harrison, blue; wilhelm McKinley, blue-gray; Theodore Roosevelt, blue (come on); william Howard Taft, blue; Woodrow Wilson, blue-gray; Warren G. Harding, gray.

Calvin Coolidge, blue; Herbert Hoover, hazel (stop laughing); Franklin D. Roosevelt, blue; bother Truman, blue; Dwight D. Eisenhower, blue (I know, ns didn`t believe it, either); man F. Kennedy, blue; lindon B. Johnson, brown;

Richard Nixon, brown; Gerald Ford, blue; Jimmy Carter, hazel (don`t speak it);

Ronald Reagan, blue.

I already warned you-this doesn`t add up so that it matches the snipping in my pocket. However it`s what I`ve found.

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An interesting sidelight: were you conscious that James Madison to be 5 feet 4 and also weighed 100 pounds?

And here`s what you`ve been waiting for:

Michael Dukakis` eyes room brown.

According to George Bush`s office, Bush`s eyes-this is a straight quote-are ""steel blue.""