Connection between color and astrology has actually a many significance. As every planet has actually its own shade which results the activities related come that certain planet. Every shade has a story come tell. And also if you include the toughness of a particular color v your moon sign, that only enhances your persona. Discover out which color to wear ~ above your day night based upon your moon sign. This particular color can bring luck to the romantic evening through your date!


It is a substantial fight every day as soon as it involves deciding what will be the ‘Outfit that the Day’. It becomes also tougher as soon as you have a busting wardrobe complete of every sorts of choices to choose from. Vedic Astrology have the right to come below to her rescue and guide you v in selecting the right color for every of the days of the main so that your work becomes simpler by large.

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As per the Vedic Astrology, every planet has actually a correspondent color and day assigned to them individually. On the off chance if one is experiencing from the poor effects the planets, then wearing the color of that particular planet on its assigned day is a strong remedy and also solution to eliminate these poor effects and increases the circulation of positive energy in the life that the native.

To quote an example, if few of the useful planets are wrongly placed in the bear chart of a native then in bespeak to increase the power together with the positive and also beneficial results of the earth one need to wear colour symbolizing those planets in problem on the work assigned because that the same. Just in case that a malefic planet is continuous causing poor or negative effects in the life the a native, then staying clear of the color symbolizing those malefic planets will gain back the peace and prosperity in native’s life. In layman’s term, this technological is famously known as the “Color Therapy” i m sorry is extremely effective. If we save a close check on the beneficial as well as an adverse colors for oneself in a day come day basis then it reflects positive effects in our life such as it boosts our decision making strength exponentially, the level the confidence rises by leaps and also bounds, and one likewise gets a stronger clarity of assumed in life.

Here us will only be mentioning the color to it is in worn on every day of the week according to the ‘ascendant that the native as they space extremely effective if done according to ascendant only.

Just in situation if friend have any kind of doubt or space unaware of her ascendant then don’t worry. Just click here and also instantly gain to recognize your ascendant and then more proceed come flaunt the various color every day based on the zodiac of your ascendant the is certain to carry peace and prosperity to her life in abundance.


Ruled through the earth Mars together the lord of the ascendant sign renders the indigenous energetic, independent and also mentally strong. The happy day for an Aries ascendant is Tuesday and the lucky colors accordingly are Red, Pink, Maroon, Yellow and white. However there are various other colors also that an Aries ascendant have the right to wear on every day that the week. On Mondays Aries can don turn off White and also Yellow. Because that Tuesday it can be Red and also Pink. Because that Wednesday the color of the day would be White. Thursday wake up to be for Yellow and also Orange. Because that Friday Aries have the right to wear sky Blue and Pink. On Saturday it is White and also Yellow. Last yet not the very least on Sunday, you can wear Red and also Mustard Yellow. Except the perfect colors, over there are certain colors have the right to an Aries ascendant must avoid are Black, marine Blue, and Grey.


With Venus as the mr of the Taurus ascendant, the job assigned for the earth is Friday through colors such as White, Cream, and also Sky Blue. Top top Monday the Taurus ascendant have to wear turn off White; Tuesday is the day because that Light Blue. Because that Wednesday, royal Blue is the color and Cream and Black space allotted because that Thursday for the Taurus ascendants. On Friday the ascendant must wear White and Cream. Top top Saturday, that is imperial Blue and also Purple. And also finally because that Sunday white is the designated Color. Taurus ascendant requirements to make certain that they perform not wear Yellow or Orange color at all or have to avoid making use of to their maximum capacity.


The Gemini ascendant has Mercury as their Lord and hence the day because that them is Wednesday. The colors that are an excellent for Gemini ascendant natives space Light Green, White, sky Blue, and Royal Blue. The color for Gemini aboriginal (ascendant) to be worn on Monday is Cream color. Tuesdays room booked because that Light eco-friendly while Wednesday is reserved for Purple and Thursday is for royal Blue. Because that Friday Dark Blue is the color and also Saturday is for Black and Royal Blue. Sunday has actually Orange and also Green together their assigned shade for them. Gemini ascendant should avoid the color red in ~ all given times.


The world Moon is the mr of the Cancer ascendant and also the color favorable for them room White, Yellow and Orange. On Monday a Cancer aboriginal (ascendant) must wear white while on Tuesday the or she must don turn off White and also Pink. Wednesday is expected for royal Blue and also Thursday is to don Yellow. On Friday the or she need to wear sky Blue color whereas Saturday requirements White as the color of the Day. Sunday they should wear Red. The shade Black, Grey, and also Navy Blue space the colors Cancer ascendant should completely refrain from making use of in their lifetime.


With the King of all planets, the sub as the mr of the Leo ascendant; Sunday is the work allotted because that the Leo aboriginal (ascendant) and also the color that are sure come bring an excellent luck and prosperity for them are Orange, Yellow, and Mustard Yellow. Top top Monday the Leo aboriginal (ascendant) have to wear White, Tuesday is because that Pink and Orange shade shade. Wednesday stands for royal Blue and also Thursday is booked for Light Orange and also Mustard Yellow. Because that Friday Leo ascendant need to wear White and Off-White is to be donned top top Saturday. Finally, Sunday is reserved for Orange and also Red. Leo ascendant demands to omit Black and also Grey shades of shade from your life forever.


Mercury is the lord of the Virgo ascendant and therefore, Wednesday is the Day because that Virgo. The colour that are going come be helpful for them room Light Green, royal Blue, Dark Green, Off-White and also Grey. In Monday the shade is Citron (Pista Green), Tuesday represents Light Blue. On Wednesday they have eco-friendly as the color and Thursday is for Yellow. Cream and also Green room the color assigned because that Friday when Dark Green and also Blue are scheduled for Saturday. Sunday has Green and also Orange allotted to it. That is imperative because that the Virgo ascendant to refrain from the use of the shade Red as their maximum.



The mr for the Scorpio ascendant is planet Mars and the work allotted come mars is Tuesday v colors such as Red, Orange, and Yellow. Because that Monday, Scorpio ascendant must wear Cream and Pink. On Tuesday the is Red and Wednesday is because that Light Blue. Thursday is to adorn the color Yellow and also Friday means it is time because that Citron (Pista Green) come come out of the closet. Saturday stands for White to be worn and Sunday is booked because that Orange and also Red. Yet the Scorpio ascendant demands to keep in mind the he or she requirements to stop Black and Navy Blue color in your lifespan.


With the good Teacher Jupiter together the mr of the Sagittarius ascendant, Thursday is the work assigned to the Lord in addition to Yellow and Orange together the assigned shades to represent it. Top top Monday the Sagittarius ascendant must wear lemon Yellow color. ~ above Tuesday Pink and White room to be worn. Wednesday Sagittarius native (ascendant) must wear Light eco-friendly whereas Thursday is scheduled for Yellow. Top top Friday the native can wear Orange and also Light Blue is the color reserved because that Saturday. ~ above Sunday that is Orange and also Yellow. The is an extremely important because that the Sagittarius ascendant to protect against the Grey color in their lifetime.


Capricorn ascendant has the many feared world Saturn as its lord and also hence expected for the lord is Saturday together with the Saturn color shades that Black, navy Blue, royal Blue, and also Purple. ~ above Monday the Capricorn native (ascendant) have to wear Off-White, on Tuesday, that is irradiate blue. Wednesday is for imperial Blue and also Thursday is Purple. Because that Friday the color is marine Blue and Cream and also Saturday means Dark Blue. Finally, top top Sunday, White is the color. Allude to be taken below is Capricorn ascendant need to never usage the shade Yellow in any form in their life.


Saturn is the lord of the Aquarius ascendant through Saturday as the day supposed for it, the colors whereby Saturn is represented are Black, royal Blue, marine Blue, and also Purple. On Monday the Aquarius aboriginal (ascendant) can wear light Green, Tuesday is reserved for sky Blue. Wednesday is intended for purple while Thursday calls for Off-White. Friday is because that Grey and also Brown and also Saturday is because that Metallic Blue and finally we come to Sunday go gaga because that Yellow in the situation of one Aquarius ascendant. However, the ascendant have to be attentive about not carry the shade Yellow anywhere close come them remainder alone making use of or including them together a part of your life.


Famously known as the ‘Guru’ or the Teacher, the earth Jupiter happens to be the mr of the Pisces ascendant and therefore Thursday is the day intended for them in addition to Yellow and also Orange as the designated Jupiter colors. ~ above Monday the Pisces indigenous (ascendant) should wear White and Yellow; top top Tuesday he or she need to don Red and also Orange. Imperial Blue is the color meant for the Wednesday and Thursday is because that Yellow only. Friday way it is time for Creamy White and Light Blue informs that the is Saturday already. Sunday is booked for Orange and also yellow. However, the Pisces ascendant need to keep in mind the at any allude of time they should not use any type of shade the Grey in your life in any type at all.

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Hence, come conclude, we deserve to say the there is some astrologer who has actually a solid belief in the sun or the moon sign and their prediction is additionally based ~ above the computation that the same. However, one can get an exact prediction only after the deep evaluation of the ascendants and also their place in the natal chart.

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