Your boy or grandchild’s first Holy Communion is a huge deal. During Holy Communion, additionally called divine Eucharist, we get Jesus in our body and soul. This is a beautiful and special part of the Catholic religion, which is why your child’s an initial Holy Communion is together a one-of-a-kind day for them and also for you. This is the time as soon as your son is united with Jesus uneven they ever have been before.

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As her child’s very first Holy Communion paint, etc closer, that is time to start planning because that this special day. This is not only a best of passage, however it is your child"s an initial major step in a strong relationship v Jesus. The children soul basically becomes associated to Christ, which is why girl wear white dresses and boy wear their Sunday best.

At St. Jude, we can administer you v the first Holy Communion attire for her child. We carry beautiful dresses for girls and suits for boys, which will certainly be perfect for them because that this big moment in their religious lives. Today, we room going to focus on guys suits. If you have a boy or grandson that is around to experience their first Holy Communion, find the perfect suit for castle — shop throughour arsenal of boy communion suits and start preparing because that this blessed day!

What Boys need to Wear

As we already mentioned, boys need to wear their Sunday best to their an initial Holy Communion. This should incorporate an elegant dark or light colors suit and dress shoes. Some other requirements may be stated by your church, favor the suit and also shoe color. Every little thing your church needs for her child’s very first Holy Communion, we will be may be to carry out you through the perfect suit.

Outfit Dos

When it concerns your children outfit because that their an initial Holy Communion, you want to make certain it is they best clothing castle own. If they do not own a quite suit, be sure to buy them one prior to the job arrives. This is a special day and they should have actually special and nice apparel that they have the right to wear throughout it. There room a couple of different choices that would job-related for your son’s an initial Holy Communion outfit.

First the all, you have the right to choose between a complete suit or a light or dark colored sports coat, or suit jacket. If you pick the fit jacket, select dark dress pants and be sure to have a belt. The pants deserve to be black color or navy. If you have actually a complete suit the is gray, that will work as well.

You will additionally need come make sure that your child has actually a white, collared, button down. This deserve to either be quick or long-sleeved, unless otherwise mentioned by your church. You will likewise need to add a tie to your child’s outfit. The tie need to be a solid shade or have a subtle pattern ~ above it. Dress shoes are also a much. The shoes have to be dark in color and also be pair with dark fancy socks together well.

Outfit Don"ts

This is a unique day because that you, your child, and also the church, i beg your pardon is why there are dress codes the you must stick to. Due to the fact that this is such a huge moment in her child’s religious life, they have to absolutely wear your Sunday best. Some points you must make sure not to dress your kid or grandson in for their first Holy Communion includes polo shirts, T-shirts, jeans, sweat pants, strong shoes, winter boots, or sandals.

Now the you recognize a little an ext about what your boy or grandson should wear because that their an initial Holy Communion, let’s take it a look at some of the suits and accessories the St. Jude have the right to offer you.

The Suits

We lug a selection of suits to select from, permitting you to uncover the perfect shade for her child. Choose from a black, khaki, white, or a navy suit. Each of this five-piece suits include a jacket, pants, a vest, a dress shirt, and also an adjustable tie. Pick a shade you choose or the shade your church requires, find the best size, and also enjoy this special day through your son!

Other Outfit Essentials

At St. Jude, we also offer blazers and dress pants. Our navy blazer is simple, sophisticated, and also perfect for your son’s very first Holy Communion. The gold button detailing offers more style and a an excellent look for your child. We also carry white dress pants. While many an initial Holy Communion outfits work best with dark fancy pants, white pants could be a fun and also different look, as long as your church enables it.



Along through our suits, blazers, and pants for a boy’s first Holy Communion, we additionally carry a ton of equipment that could be a good addition and also a unique reminder the this day. Indigenous shoes and ties to tie tacks, we have actually what you need to complete your kid or grandson’s an initial Holy Communion outfit.

We lug two ties. Among them is a level tie the comes in three colors — black, blue, and also white. The other tie is white and is subtly designed with damask chelices. Whichever tie you choose, it will certainly work an excellent for her child’s very first Holy Communion.

Our tie clasp and also tie tacks are another great addition to your child’s one-of-a-kind day outfit. These incorporate beautiful design and excellent detailing. Girlfriend can pick from a straightforward gold cross, a celtic cross, or a chalice to add detailing on your child’s an initial Holy Communion look.

Our collection of boy’s very first Holy Communion clothing and also accessories can aid you discover the perfect watch for her child’s one-of-a-kind day.

First divine Communion is crucial day for your child, and also your entire family. This is a one-of-a-kind moment between your son or daughter and also Jesus. Since this is such a special day because that everyone, including the church, it is crucial that you dress your child in the an extremely best. Even if it is you have a girl or a boy, friend will require to discover them the perfect outfit because that this huge day. Hopefully, this blog helped you learn much more about the importance of your child’s first Holy Communion and why they should be dressed in the ideal on this blessed day.

If girlfriend are in search of a very first Holy Communion outfit for her child, even if it is you have a boy or daughter, be certain to shop St. Jude.

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We carry everything you require to develop the finest outfit for her child. If girlfriend need help finding the right garments item or accessory, feel free tocontact us; we will certainly be happy to help you find what you space looking for.