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Watch the video clip below, and also we’ll show how to wire a removable grounded expansion cord plug end. These expansion cord ends function a two-part building and construction that’s easy to wire v the housing and screw terminal conductor blades.

Our plug ends are easy to use! just follow the accuse below and also watch the video clip for your finest results. As always, if friend have any questions, we’re here to help. Just contact 1.800.409.1070 or send us an email.

Tools You’ll should Wire Grounded expansion Cord Ends

BladeScrewdriverElectrical TapeWire Stripping tool (optional)Extension Cord Ends

Parts of a 3-Prong Plug


The 3-prong plug that goes straight into an electrical socketBarrel cord gripCloth-covered electric wire

Tutorial for Wiring her Grounded extension Cord Ends

Remove the screw screw native the optimal of the plug through a screwdriver and also pull on the prongs to relax the plug indigenous its shell.Loosen the set screw top top the barrel cord grip and also look inside to make certain the plastic screw isn’t extending any component of the opening.Insert one end of the wire right into the height opening that the cord grip with the threaded finish of the grip encountering the cord. Pack tape top top the cord makes insertion easier.Insert the very same cord finish into the plug shell opening and also wrap 1” of electrical tape end the cable measuring 1 ¼” native the reminder of the cloth.Strip the end of each cable to expose about ¼” that copper wire, twist them together, and also bend them.Find the confident (brass), an adverse (silver), and also ground (green) terminals on the ago of the plug and loosen the 3 screws to open them.Wrap the copper wires onto each equivalent terminal screw: black color wire on the brass terminal, white cable on the silver terminal, and also green cable on the environment-friendly terminal.Tuck the copper wire into the terminal and also cover through the screw’s head. Tighten the screws and also secure the wires in place.Pull ~ above the wires to ensure they won’t pull out of the terminals and pull top top the plug shell to align the screw feet on the cap with the one on the plug.Tighten the plug screw come secure the cap and also bring the cord grip in the direction of the plug come insert the threaded ends into the cap opening.Twist both the cord grip and also then the collection screw till they’re strictly secured.

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Any questions around this grounded extension cord ends tutorial? Send us a post online or contact us this day at 1.800.409.1070.

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