...Ok this may seem a bit odd however here goes.I hitched increase the boat today to take her under to the gas terminal to fill er "up. Prior to I left the home I included a quart that 2 cycle oil, enough of oil included with 12 gallons that gas to do a 50:1 ratio. That was O.KI make it down to the gas station and included 12 gallons the 93 octane, close up door the cap, grabbed my receipt and off come the lake for a test run after some work done top top the motor. (1971 115 hp Merc)After I had the watercraft in the water i pumped the inside wall bulb and also was watching the clean glass inline fuel filter...the gas entered and also it to be clear come a hazy color!The inquiry is...all that the gas ns have ever mixed has been a bluish green tint...is this normal? maybe an odd brand the gas? I recognize it mixed well ~ above the means to the lake ~ above the trailer. Mind girlfriend I completely drained the tank the night prior to remade all of the fittings and brand-new fuel lines/primer bulb.Is this common maybe? i was thinking of going ago down v a gallon can and pre mix 1 gal and also see the color? Or must I be going ago to the gas station and also having a couple of words?It would certainly seem odd for it no to mix.. Or to be I simply crazy

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Re: 2 cycle oil/gas mix color?Premium gas has ethanol in it. If there to be water in the tank, the ethanol will mix v the water and also settle come the bottom. The oil will stay mixed with the gas and also separate native the alcohol/water mix. If that"s what"s in your carbs, your motor won"t acquire oil, yet it still can run. No Good! are you sure your oil was bluish green? Not all of them are. Oil won"t mix through alcohol. If you erroneously pumped E85 fuel...
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Re: 2 bike oil/gas mix color?Thanks because that the reply Willy!I did not pump E85 for sure. I opened a brand-new container that johnny/rude XD 25 I had actually sitting around.I am 99% hopeful there was no water in my tank, seeing how I drained the tank the night before. I completely disconnected it and also took it the end of the boat, upside under etc.Should I try a gallon of over there 93 octane and add the exact same oil to watch if that a different color?
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Re: 2 bike oil/gas mix color?When you emptied the tank walk you flush the lines? can be just left end stuff in the fuel lines?
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Re: 2 bike oil/gas mix color?Have girlfriend switched brand of oil? I recognize we switched brand at job-related for our 2 stroke landscape equip and the mixed gas is a cloudy brown color. Ns was paranoid at very first that someone forgot to placed the oil in the gas yet it turns out castle did and the brand-new brand oil we use turns the mix the different color

OK....Tapping a bit out of 3 tanks , one is brownish orange while the other two room violet blue. I think the brown mix is the result of non-alcohol fuel in the mix. I have been chasing this goo about for part time. Might this be a trouble that is switching over to "real" fuel?

It can be that as soon as you dumped the oil in, and also then filled that up v gas, the pickup tube didn"t have actually mixed oil and gas in it from the gas level pour it until it is full up before the oil blended with the gas effectively yet. You can easily fix that by acquisition the fuel hose and squeezing the primer bulb back into the tank because that a few squeezes. It would circulate the unmixed gas back into the tank and also pump mixed gas right into the fuel hose because that the engine. Just a thought...

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If engine has a brief smoke when engine is rotate on nothing come worry. Remove some combined fuel/oil, rub it between your fingers, if you can feel the thin oil coat it"s mixed correctly. 2 hit engine oil comes in different dyes same just like fuels. Happy Boating