As we recently told you, Cox to reduce NBCUniversal-owned horror channel Chiller together of this month, in the wake up of Verizon, Charter and Dish all quietly dropping the channel previously in the year. At the time, NBCUniversal appeared to tho be sticking by the channel, yet we to be fearing the worst.

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And those fears, it turns out, were fine founded.

TV Answer guy reports this day that NBCUniversal will be death Chiller as of January 1, 2018.

Low-profile networks like Chiller and Cloo room an threatened species, even for a company with the industry clout that NBCUniversal,” range explains. “Taking the tiny fry off the table helps NBCU’s initiative to beef increase programming and carriage fees for its core cable nets, consisting of USA Network, Syfy, Bravo and also E!

Chiller launched in February 2007 as a showcase for horror and thriller movies and also TV reflects pulled from the global vault and also other sources.

Ten years. Not a negative run. RIP Chiller.

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13 hours back


November 1, 2021

In expert wrestling, the concept of “Kayfabe” describes an unspoken agreement in between fans and also performers to never acknowledge the fictional facets of the sport. In the fear genre, we have something similar with the means Found Footage movie invite audience to play along with the scares to enhance their viewing experience. And when it pertains to Found Footage, no movie handled this blending of reality and fiction better than The Blair Witch Project, which to be accompanied by an ingenious famous marketing campaign featuring websites, dossiers and also even absent person posters.

Among this supplemental material was an notorious mockumentary well-known as Curse that the Blair Witch, which premiered top top the Sci-Fi Channel and also was critical in convincing audiences that the film’s clip was expected to be taken seriously. A year later, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 had its own lesser-known tie-ins with Ben Rock‘s The Burkittsville 7 and also Shadow of the Blair Witch. It’s been over two decades due to the fact that these TV specials very first aired, yet I think they’re still precious talking around after helping to solidify the Blair Witch franchise in popular culture.

Directed by the very same duo behind its parent production, Curse that the Blair Witch originally hit television display screens in the summer that 1999. V archival footage and also interviews through friends and also family the Heather, Mike and also Josh, the hour-long special presents itself together a significant documentary about the “real” story behind the (then) upcoming Blair Witch Project. While there space occasional excerpts from the film to hype up its release, the meat the the special is composed in expanding the mythology behind the titular witch and also the crimes influenced by her story.

Watching an alleged experts discuss the background of witchcraft and also Elly Kedward’s cruel death makes for part surprisingly entertain television, especially with the spooky illustrations and tongue-in-cheek consists of faux ’70s programs. While this details aren’t really vital to gain the film, they boost the viewing endure by do the lore feel more fleshed-out and also believable.

It’s likewise fun to watch investigators talk about details indigenous both the film and also Dave Stern’s The Blair Witch Project: A Dossier like pieces of a True Crime incident. Prefer the film, the one-of-a-kind still doesn’t offer up a concrete explanation because that the loss of this young filmmakers, but piecing together the interconnected story and also forming your own theories is fifty percent the fun here. In fact, Daniel Myrick and also Eduardo Sanchez‘s narrative puzzle-box likely motivated viral ARGs like Marble Hornets and TheSunVanished despite predating castle by literal meaning decades.

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The added characterization that the film’s protagonists likewise enhances the endure from an emotional standpoint. Having loved ones talk about the victims’ an individual lives prior to the ill-fated project makes the movie’s horrific finishing hit that lot harder despite being a foregone conclusion. It’s a lot much easier to understand Heather’s insistence on completing she movie as soon as you’re aware of her personal ambitions, and it’s difficult not to root because that Mike once you uncover out the he’s a lovable underachiever. The eerie revelation the the film’s footage was inexplicably discovered within the damages of the Rustin Parr house also adds an extra class of mystery to the story, through the unique implying that the tapes were somehow already there as soon as the house burned down in the 1940s.

It may lack the life scares the the function film, however I evaluate Curse the the Blair Witch as an exercise in spooky world-building and also often revisit it together the main attraction. Some viewers can be bothered by the absence of a ideal resolution, however I think the subtle suggestion that the events of the movie might be actual are lot scarier than any concrete answer, make this a worthy companion item to the original film.

A year later, the human being would see another expansion the the Blair Witch mythos through Joe Berlinger‘s weird sequel. If Book of Shadows was critically panned and more-or-less disowned by its director, the film has actually undergone a recent reappraisal as fans realize that it has a lot come say around mass hysteria and the an adverse effects of media while additionally serving up some quality scares and a kick-ass soundtrack. It’s still no masterpiece, however I think Blair Witch 2 is one underrated horror flick v its own peculiar backstory.

To me, the most interesting part of this sequel is the studio’s choice of director. While Artisan entertainment must have thought the hiring the co-creator the HBO’s true crime opus Paradise Lost: The boy Murders at Robin Hood Hills would result in an even much more believable found Footage production, the turned the end that Berlinger to be vehemently protest to the sub-genre. An knowledgeable documentarian, the director thought that it was unethical come mislead audiences to sell more movie tickets, resulting in a traditional horror film merely “based top top true events”.

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However, the wouldn’t stop the movie’s supplemental product from blurring the line between fiction and journalism favor the original film. This time, director Ben rock was carried in to develop a pair of promotion mockumentaries expanding the lore behind Blair Witch 2. Once again airing ~ above the Sci-Fi channel, this specials would certainly actually borrow from Berlinger’s job-related in True Crime, treating the film’s story like a down-to-earth murder secret and courtroom drama fairly than a paranormal investigation.