The enhancement is taking two or more numbers and adding them together, that is, that is the total sum the 2 or more numbers.

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How many apples are there in all?


There space 7 to apologize in one basket and also 4 to apologize in the other. So, we include 7 and 4 to find the total number of apples.

To add 7 and 4, we have the right to count front 4 steps from 7

The symbol supplied to indicate enhancement is + (plus symbol).

So, 7 and 4 have the right to be composed as 7 + 4


Addition sentence

An enhancement sentence is a mathematical expression that reflects two or an ext values included together and also their sum.

We deserve to write the mathematical expression because that 7 add to 4 equals 11 as:


The numbers that are added are dubbed addends and the answer to enhancement is called the sum. In an enhancement sentence, the addends are added to gain the sum.

Addition of little numbers have the right to be done using your fingers too.



Number charts room another method to add numbers.

Example: add 57 and also 16 utilizing a hundred grid.

Step 1: note the enlarge number.

(Here, mark 57)

Step 2: If the number come be included is more than 10, rest it in tens and also ones.

(Here, 16 = 10 + 6)

Step 3: run as plenty of 10s as in the 2nd number.

(Here, 57 + 10 = 67)

Step 4: move forward as plenty of ones together in the second number.

(Here, 67 + 6 = 73)

The number got to is the answer.

So, 57 + 16 = 73


Vertical Addition

Numbers can also be included vertically.

Let’s add 57 and 16 vertically.

Step 1: compose the numbers one below the other as per the locations of the digits.

Step 2: Start adding from the persons digit. Compose the sum under the people digit.

If the sum of the ones digit is greater than 9, write the ones number of the amount under the ones and carry front its 10s digit to the 10s column.

Step 3: include the tens digits.

(If there to be a lug forward digit, add it along)




The numbers with much more than 2 digits can also be included vertically. We constantly start including from the persons digit and also move towards the digits at the highest place.

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Example 1: Marie to buy a designer handbag for $231 and a belt for $199. How much go she spend on both?

To discover the complete cost, we require to add 231 and also 199

We can add the numbers vertically as:


So, Marie spent $430

Example 2: There space 2415 blue seats and also 2770 red seat in a stadium. How many blue and red seats space there altogether?

Total variety of seats = 2415 + 2770

= 5185 seats


funny Facts

Adding 0 to any kind of number offers the amount as the number itself.Adding 1 to a number repeatedly is the very same as counting.