Best shown on our nation’s flag, the white to represent purity and innocence; the red, hardiness and valor. The blue represents vigilance, perseverance, and justice. We salute and celebrate the patriotic palette—our national color wheel signifying our simple rights to be totally free and find happiness.

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When I check out the blue field, shining stars, and wide stripes paris at ours Hancock and also Whitney areas on the days around Memorial Day, ns feel intense pride, deep humility, rousing enthusiasm, and also reserved respect.
I likewise feel sadness but reverence as soon as I think about the countless civilization who have actually fought and died to store our colors strong and interlocutor for more than 240 years. I feel compassion because that the households who invest lifetimes caring because that those who return hurt or grieving because that the fallen.
This Memorial Day, us remember every the lives lost defending united state at home and also abroad, civilization who payment the can be fried price to defend our colors. We likewise thank our veterans, reservists, and active duty Americans and their families for your bravery and also sacrifices that allow us come live, do business, and raise our family members the methods we believe.
Together, ours red, white, and blue mean freedom. Those color come with immense cost, commitment, and also responsibility; yet their worths shine in ours hearts and through the eyes of our children.
From our Hancock and also Whitney team to you and the human being important come you, us wish friend a safe, happy, red-white-and-blue Memorial Day.

Hope in Every Storm: Recovering native Hurricane Ida

Once again, our resolve has actually been experiment by the winds that nature as Hurricane Ida handle a crushing punch to neighborhoods in south east Louisiana. Homes, businesses, families and livelihoods were all upended once the category 4 storm came ashore on the Louisiana coast and made its terrible trek v the state.

Chip Knight, September 17, 2021

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Recovery: powered by People and also Partners

Do the right thing.

Shane Loper, September 16, 2021

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Hancock Whitney Finances growth of neighborhood Health Clinics in main Florida

Community health Centers space a an important part the the safety and security net because that low-income and also vulnerable populations, that otherwise might go without any kind of health care. In Polk, Highlands and Hardee counties, central Florida Health treatment (CFHC) is a federally Qualified Health center (FQHC) that serves the uninsured, underinsured migrants as well as many individuals who live in areas where there is small or no access to primary health care.

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Tim Coop, respectable 19, 2021

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