Geographers usage a collection of specialized tools to describe, understand and explain the framework of the Earth. Some of these tools have actually a long background of use in the geographical sciences, such together maps, the compass and surveying equipment. Other tools take benefit of modern-day technology made possible by the Information period and an are Age, especially an international Positioning Systems. Location is critical skill, whether guiding ships across the ocean, placing astronauts in space or giving directions to grandma"s house.

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A map is, in ~ its core, a illustration of a spatial area top top Earth. Various maps serve various functions. The most simple map mirrors the physical attributes of one area, indigenous a civilization map depicting countries to a detailed walking map the every path on a university campus. Various other kinds the maps can provide other data around a region, for example, a color-coded a map of a continent follow to languages talked or major exports, or a graded map showing the relative elevations in a mountainous area.

You have actually likely checked out these tools used by construction building contractors while your vehicle was stopped in traffic, however geographers usage them to carry out the same task for their jobs. The many recognizable is the theodolite, a level lens on a tripod that helps measure relative distance and also elevation. Geographers incorporate the theodolite v a plumb line and also measuring tape to accurately assess even little details of one area.


Global positioning Systems help you navigate by feeding you comprehensive information around your position and also the geographical context nearby. As well as maps, this might be the geography tool you room most acquainted with. Worldwide Information solution and global Directional solution are similar tools. GIS is a database of geographic information continuously updated through academic, business and also military sources, while global Directional Systems assist navigate native a database fairly than live satellite feed. Geographers usage all three systems to help them accessibility what is already known around the planet to help with ongoing research.


Until the center of the 20th century, geographers had actually to make maps based on observations and measurements taken on the ground. V the development of reliable air travel, and also later of satellite imaging, geographers can now attract maps and also make observations based upon photos taken from the exact same perspective as a map the the area. Modern technology enables geographers to usage remote pictures that record information beyond the clearly shows spectrum, such as magnetic activity, infrared temperature and subterranean water levels.

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