From the dedication the his loyal fans to the apparel, there to be so many aspects on Friday night that took me totally by surprise, making the night worthwhile and also reshaping every little thing I thought I knew around concerts.

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after thunderstorms at a Virginia music festival delayed the first time ns would see Dave Matthews band live this past May, I finally got a chance to see DMB execute while likewise experiencing Alpine valley for the very first time. Going right into the night with no expectation and limited Dave Matthews knowledge – as well as the truth that his fans simply contact him "Dave" – enjoy it a DMB concert at Alpine to be a complete society shock because that this unsuspecting music fan.From the dedication the his faithful fans to the apparel, there were so many elements on Friday night that took me completely by surprise. Not only did I gain the an extensive and entertaining performance from the very first night of DMB’s 2019 Alpine visit, yet the surprises alone make the night worthwhile and also reshaped every little thing I assumed I knew about concerts.Here are 6 things i learned after ~ my very first Dave Matthews band concert at Alpine Valley:

1. Dave fans space a different breed

My biggest and also most how amazing takeaway from suffering Dave Matthews tape at Alpine valley was the his fans are something else. Going right into the night, I thought I to be friends v DMB’s greatest fan due to the fact that he had actually seen DMB over ten times all throughout the nation this year. ~ above Friday, ns learned that my friend isn’t his biggest fan; that is just "a" fan.Sitting beside me before the show began was a gentleman who, prefer my friend, travels all over to check out Dave perform. Originally I believed this was a coincidence ... Prior to I met huge groups of people in attendance ~ above Friday from anywhere the nation. Cities favor Newark and Boston to be echoed an ext than ones like Mequon and Brookfield.Beforehand ns imagined the audience was 95 percent local, with probably a couple of super fans in the mix. Fairly it appeared as if the typical fan in the crowd most likely lived well outside the Milwaukee area.Not exaggerating in the slightest bit, i met multiple human being who had actually seen DMB carry out a few hundred time – miscellaneous that ns still can’t wrap my head around. If I know in generations past, fans would follow acts favor the thankful Dead ~ above tour, I had actually no idea that any contemporary day artist had actually such a committed following.

2. Alpine valley is not your typical music venue


together a music photographer, I have been all over the nation to cover shows and also music festivals. Number of venues stand the end for great or negative reasons, but for the many part, music venues space very comparable across the board. Top top parking in ~ Alpine Valley, however, I might instantly tell the it wasn’t your average music venue.The parking lot of looked an ext like a lot on opened Day because that a Brewers game than that did for a concert, with fans play frisbee and also tailgating outside huge buses. The venue had serious Bonnaroo vibes, and even in the parking lot, the show itself nearly had its very own pop-up community.And together those who have actually been come Alpine Valley currently know, the views are spectacular, with the rows of trees expanding as far as you can see. Alpine is simply a quick drive from Milwaukee, for this reason if you’re so late to the party favor I was, you certainly need to inspect it out.

3. The tourism doesn’t perform two nights so twin the fans deserve to attend

When I understand that a tourism is performing two nights at a venue, in mine head, the reason is so twin the lot of human being can attend. Once Eric Church carry out a pair of mirrors at the Fiserv Forum, ns imagine there were some fans the attended both shows, however for the many part, the demand for his present warranted two nights so 30,000 or so could see that perform.This is not the case with DMB. Now learning what ns know around Dave’s loyal fans, the conventional is for civilization to attend both nights that Dave when he performs a two-night stay. Of food this isn’t required, and a casual fan choose myself can sleep at night understanding I won’t be ago the really next day, yet I imagine the quantity of fans returning come Alpine on Saturday is especially high, which absolutely surprised me.

4. The collection list is fully unique

With so countless fans not just returning because that night two yet returning to check out Dave for probably a 100th time, DMB has actually a the majority of pressure to switch points up. They do that by performing one entirely unique setlist throughout each tour date.While part artists adjust the setlist through switching about a tune or two, DMB fully hits the shuffle switch when performing live. Your favorite song may get left out as a an outcome – yet all the an ext reason come come ago for a 2nd night.
top top Friday, numerous hits and also fan favorites do the reduced for the an initial night in ~ Alpine, consisting of songs prefer "What would You Say," "Two Step," "Crush" and "Ants Marching," which closed out the main part of the performance.

5. DMB jerseys space a thing

While Dave tour shirts were absolutely a popular garments item top top Friday, one piece of apparel the stood out was the combo of sports jerseys with "DMB" shown on the back. Several custom Bears, Packers, Brewers and also Cubs jerseys were viewed throughout the crowd, where fans could show love to their favorite sports team and favorite band all through a single item. I’m not sure about the beginning of this trend, yet I favor it (depending ~ above the team, that course).

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6. I apparently don’t like anything as much as DMB pan love DMB

I believed I love music and was a superfan of few of my favourite artists until I experienced Dave Matthews pan in action. Ns don’t think I favor anything as much as DMB pan love their "Dave" – and also for an excellent reason, due to the fact that if Friday’s performance kept me completely entertained, I can only imagine how enjoyable it to be for his faithful fanbase.But even if it is you travel the civilization to see the Dave Matthews Band perform or if you desire something to do for your weekend, Dave Matthews and his talented band placed on superb concert that just may transform you right into one of his numerous superfans.

Set list

"You never Know""Anyone checked out The Bridge""Too Much""Warehouse""Do you Remember""Rooftop""Crush""Idea that You""Dancing Nancies""What would You Say""Right ar Wrong Time" (Dr. Man cover)"Granny""The Maker" (Daniel Lanois cover)"Don’t Drink the Water""Seek Up""Can’t Stop""The tune That mrs Likes""Water right into Wine""Two Step""Ants Marching""Funny exactly how Time Slips Away" (Willie Nelson cover)"Pantala Naga Pampa""Rapunzel"
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