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Wading in the Velvet Sea

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"Wading in the Velvet Sea” was among the very first of the songs subsequently released onThe Story the the Ghostto surface during the summer that 1997. In stark comparison to the “funk” sound i m sorry proliferated that year, “Wading” is an introspective anthemic tear-jerker in the style of “Slave to the traffic Light.” The tune swirls the end of a half-speed “Nitrous Oxide” siren into a breakable piano melody, which progressively swells to an oceanic crescendo of soulful guitar licks.

Lyrically, the tune carries the tone of a letter to a shed love, a message of hope because that a brighter future. One account that a moment shared during a solitary expedition to the coast. A minute which simultaneously captured the joy and also sorrow the the past forgotten and also the future lost. The location phrase, recurring incessantly throughout the soaring elegy to enduring emotion, catches the spirit of the waves. Cascading over and also over against the leaf of the earth; time leaks out, life leaks in, the moment ends.

Trey: “This track is in reality either called “Waiting in the Velvet Seat” or “Wading in the Velveeta Sea.”Fish: “Picture if girlfriend will, a transvestite in black color lingerie… lounging in a big velvet red chair, waiting...”Trey: “for the client”Fish: “for the client...”Trey: “if you will...”Fish: “if girlfriend will...and girlfriend won’t...”Trey: “and friend shan’t...”(From audience): What shade is it?Trey: it’s a red velvet seat, surrounding by orange Velveeta cheese... Over a huge sea that velvet...

Counterpoint come the huge Cypress version, and undoubtedly thesteep chasmthat led tothe nadir of the worst (most tragic, punch in the nuts, abject wail inducing) minute in historyto date, "Wading" came before the sublimely infamous Coventry "Glide."During theCoventry "Wading,"Page and Trey were both so overcome by the minute in which their past history and musical future together a band appeared to it is in going right into the crate forever, that they both damaged down and wept.Even a quick scan the the crowd throughout this catharsis revealed they were no alone in this feelings. Fortunately, all was not lost. Though there were hardships to endure, and rough seas to cross, the past was drowned and also a bright brand-new future came wading ago to shore.

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