I'm looking come buy a warehouse canister. In search of approximate volumes. Yeah, I understand it will count on p size, shape, etc. Simply looking for general measurements. The containers I'm looking in ~ come in 16 oz increments (16, 32, 48, 64) so I'll simply size up if it's close.

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If anyone has a pound of bean sitting around and can put it in a measure cup real quick, I'd appreciate it!


I frequently buy 12 oz bags and they almost fill a 16oz container, you would most likely want something larger.

I usage quart Mason jars. A lb is much more than 1.5 jars. I fill increase one jar and leave the remainder in the bag usually

A 32oz pickle jar functions perfect for me. If you usage a clear jar, make sure to save you beans in a cabinet or some other dark place. Air, light and also moisture space the three things that will damage your coffee’s freshness much faster than something else.

I include some silver paper duct tape come the outside of the seasoned to stop light from entering. Ns have additionally seen world use chalkboard paint so they deserve to block the light and write the variety on the jar. A dark cabinet certainly accomplishes the same thing, though.

I use "Bormioli Rocco Fido 25.25 Oz" jars. A 12oz bag of entirety bean tool roast is just a smidge too big for it, for this reason a 36oz container would certainly be just about right for a totality pound.

Dark roasts are around 75% as thick as medium roasts, therefore you'd probably need 48oz to host a pound of them.

I buy mass coffee in one quart mason jars, and also that is commonly a bit less than a pound, approximately 12 oz or so? So, if you desire to right a totality pound consistently I would buy the 48 oz.

I usage the small 1 quart Oxo pop peak containers for coffee and the bigger ones for everything else. They rock and you can discover them nice cheap (~$7 for the small one) in ~ TJ maxx or Homegoods. The 1 qt one stop a 12oz bag perfectly.

Just a note, I've discovered that the density of beans deserve to vary rather drastically relying on where I gain them. Yet my trend has actually been an ext dense (less volume) with greater quality bean sourcing.

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