“Can’t aid Falling in Love” is just one of Elvis Presley’s most famous songs, however, he did not document the highest-charting variation of it. In fact, the highest-charting covering of the song was by a band that was not composed of Elvis fanatics. Here’s a look in ~ the rendition of “Can’t help Falling in Love” that reached No. 1 — and how Bono factored right into its story.

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The massive importance of Elvis Presley’s ‘Can’t assist Falling in Love’

Firstly, a little background. If any Elvis song has become a standard, that his 1961 ballad “Can’t assist Falling in Love.” It reached No. 2 top top the Billboard warm 100. Subsequently, that been spanned by everyone from Britney Spears come Bob Dylan to Meghan Trainor come Zayn Malik.

According come Rolling Stone, a sheathe of the tune featured in the romantic comedy Crazy rich Asians aided Elvis’ Spotify to obtain over 544 million streams in 2019. This made him one of the 200 most-streamed artists on the platform the year. Clearly, the track is connecting with civilization decades after its release — and also a many that has to do with covers the it.

“Can’t aid Falling in Love” through Elvis Presley

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How a Nicholas Cage movie caused the production of the most famous cover that Elvis Presley’s ‘Can’t help Falling in Love’

According to much Out Magazine, the most renowned cover that “Can’t assist Falling in Love” came into existence since of a movie. Specifically, the film to be the Nicholas Cage romantic comedy Honeymoon in Vegas. Elvis impersonators beat a significant role in the film, so it only makes feeling the soundtrack attributes covers that the King of rock ‘n’ Roll’s most renowned songs. The soundtrack contains gem’s prefer Bruce Springsteen’s “Viva ras Vegas” and Billy Joel’s “Heartbreak Hotel.” 

British reggae tape UB40 taped a cover for the film the wasn’t included on the soundtrack. “When us did ‘Can’t assist Falling In Love’, it was for a Nicolas Cage film,” UB40’s Ali Campbell said. “It to be Honeymoon in Vegas, the soundtrack was every Elvis songs. They didn’t use ours, Bono sang the in the end. We weren’t raving Elvis fans, however we exit it anyway and also it make number one in something like thirty countries. They provided it in a Sharon rock movie, ns can’t mental the surname of.” The movie in question was Sliver, one obscure erotic thriller.

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“(I Can’t Help) fall In Love v You” by UB40

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How UB40’s sheathe performed commercially compared to their other hits

UB40’s decision to relax their cover paid off commercially. Their rendition that the ballad reached No. 1 ~ above the Billboard warm 100. It came to be the only No. 1 fight of your career through the exemption of “Red Red Wine.” Interestingly, “Red Red Wine” was also a sheathe of a 1960s song, specifically a song by Neil Diamond. UB40 knew how to bring earlier the access time of the past, including “Can’t assist Falling in Love” — even if they weren’t’ substantial fans the the King of absent ‘n’ Roll.