The board must be 4’ long, 8” to 24” width, and also level through runway.The scratch line is the leaf of the plank nearest the pit.The sand must be moistened to permit specific marking, and also level with the board.Jumpers may ar 1 or 2 markers (as approved by gamings committee) alongside the runaway,to help in the run-up and also take-off, however no markers on the runway or point out in the pit.Meet administration may ar markers come the side of landing pits for marking fulfill records.Measure every fair jumps. Carry out not measure up illegal jumps. Jumpers may pass any attempt.Measure at right angles to the scratch line or its expansion to the nearest rest in the sand made by any component of the body. Measure up to the nearest lesser ¼” or CM.When preliminaries room held, one (1) more competitor, then there room places, qualify for the finalsThe stimulate of compete in the finals is the turning back of the standings ~ the preliminaries.Scratch line shall be situated by measuring native the nearer edge of the landing pit with a street of approximately: lengthy Jump: boys – 12’; girls – 8’. Triple Jump: guys – 32’; girl – 24’ .At the conclusion of any type of jumping event, over there shall be no more practice.

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BREAKING TIESTo rest ties, usage the #2 finest jump or if quiet tied, the #3 finest jump of any kind of tied competitor. All ties in the preliminaries, breakthrough to the finals.


Everyone gets three jumps. There will certainly be three an ext in the finals. The number of Contestants in the finals will be 1 an ext than the places, established by gamings committee. Your ideal jump counts, even if it is in the prelims or finals, unless changed by games CommitteeNotify the occasion judge, if you wish to change the foul line / take-off board, you space using during competition, if that is various from a vault jump.You must complete your run within one (1) minute after your name is called.It is a foul if the competitor:

a. Enables any part of his/her shoes to expand over the scrape line, or line extended.b. Runs throughout the scrape line or scrape line extended.c. In the lengthy jump walk not keep head in the superior place (no somersaults)d. In the process of landing or leave the pit, touches the ground outside the landing pit nearer the scrape line 보다 the nearest mark made in the landing pit.e. Walking back toward the board with the pit.

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Triple run – is the same as over with these additions:a. Foul if dance does no land ~ above the same foot offered in the takeoff or if in stepping does not soil on the other foot from which the jump is performed.b. The is not a violation if the rolling foot touches the ground.