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Transposing treble to alto

When ever before I transform midi documents into NWC, it automatically turns any type of alto clef part into treble. Is over there a means to protect against this? and if not, how plenty of semitones must I go under to gain into alto clef? Thanks.

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Hi, EricOr come say the very same thing in slightly various words - i beg your pardon I"d currently written prior to seeing what Laurie had said:-The regular treble clef defines G (above center C) to it is in the heat - the second line up - the clef has actually its curly end round. The normal bass clef has its round finish blob ~ above - and also the two dots straddling - the second line down, and thus specifies F (below center C). The alto clef defines middle C by where it has its middle recessed little bit - ~ above the middle line (third line up or down). The tenor clef - the 4th one listed by noteworthy - likewise has its similar recessed center bit specifying middle C ... Yet this time as the second line down.So: if, with the alto clef, a note is on the middle line - it"s C - then to sound the exact same with the treble clef it has to go down 6 places, come the line listed below the bottom line. Or, if, v the treble clef, a note is ~ above the line listed below the bottom heat - it"s C - then to sound the very same with an alto clef it should go UP 6 places, come the center line.Thus, if a Midi paper with alto clef notes is fed right into Noteworthy, which only converts things to treble or base cleffs, any thus-formed treble-clef notes have to be relocated up six places if you wish to replace the treble clef with an alto clef.OK?Music John, 24/Apr/06

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And, if girlfriend don"t want to stroked nerves counting (or problem that you can hit the "up" an essential too countless times, simply do as I do: Insert an extranious (musically) middle-C at the start of the staff and whale away at the "up" crucial until it settles on the new middle-C line, based upon the C-clef (which is the surname for the alto/tenor clef). Then delete the note.

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Re: Transposing treble to alto

Let"s no forget that the clefs actually space letters. The treble clef is a an elaborate G, the base clef a sophisticated F, and also the alto clef a an elaborate C. In each case, the letter/clef indicates which line on the staff is G, F, or C by closely surrounding the line. (In the instance of the base clef, it"s the line in between the 2 dots, which room really the two brief lines the the letter F.)