COVID has produced some unexpected results, among them a boom in the sports card market. Countless collectors returned to the understand while stuck in their dwellings last year, but other factors include Kobe Bryant’s fatality in January 2020, the Michael Jordan docuseries The critical Dance, and also exciting league newcomers choose Zion Williamson.

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The highest-profile sale: a LeBron James rookie card at a 2020 auction because that $1.8 million. In football, a Patrick Mahomes rookie card set an NFL document this week through a $861,000 skilled auction sale. However most the the activity happens online: eBay, on facebook Marketplace, and also other society media platforms.

The best sellers are “professionally graded” cards. Collectors send their items to graders who, together in Antiques Roadshow, recognize condition and also value. (It runs all over from $15 to thousands of dollars.) The best cards have the right to fetch huge prices: Dallas Mavericks owner and also entrepreneur mark Cuban says trading cards are vital part the his investment portfolio. Organization guru Gary Vaynerchuk included fuel come the conversation in a tweet this week:

Sports cards and Pokémon ect – graded cards are around to have actually a wild explosion… most think they missed that .. That hasn’t also started

— Gary Vaynerchuk (
garyvee) January 17, 2021

On eBay, some the numbers for Charlotte-based athletes as of Thursday: * A graded (9) LaMelo map in the 2020 Panini black Prizm breeze Picks series for $100,000. * lot of graded rookie cards because that Carolina Panther Christian McCaffrey hover approximately $5,000; a few that no graded space still in the four-figure range. * A Muggsy Bogues rookie map released through Fleer in 1988 has 17 bids and also is already over $300.

But many of us room just beginning with a couple of boxes of old Fleer and Topps cards together we dip our toes right into the market. We’ve compiled some neighborhood resources for acquisition or grading.Trading map Stores

Charlotte sporting activities Collectibles5341 Ballantyne Commons Pkwy., Ste. 550This Ballantyne store has actually both graded and also ungraded cards. Owner welcome people who want their collection valued. They also have a very rated eBay store with memorabilia on sale.AAA Collectibles, Inc100 W. Man St., MatthewsThis Matthews store, an authorized dealer the Topps, Panini, and Upper Deck, tote vintage cards, recent singles, and “new wax boxes and also cases” for mass purchase.

Queen City SportscardsThis online company sells boxes and also cases only. Baseball, football, and basketball space the key sports represented, however they additionally have WWE cards for sale.

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Grand Slam Cards and Comics952 Mt Gallant Rd, absent Hill This spot has sports cards, and also gaming cards prefer Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering. Like other stores, they also have one eBay presence. Sporting activities Card Grading

While over there aren’t any kind of local carriers grading, there are a few options for pro services: expert Sports Authenticators (PSA), Beckett Grading solutions (BGS) and also Sportscard Guaranty (SGC). Prices count on the claimed value of her card, for this reason if friend think you’ll obtain only 20 bucks, it could not be worth her time. There are plenty the price guides the end there to recognize your worth independently, yet visiting among the shops above or simply browsing on eBay likely gives you a much better idea.