Top Dead center (TDC) Sensor instead of Service

How much does a peak Dead center (TDC) Sensor instead of cost?

On average, the price for a Honda public Top Dead center (TDC) Sensor instead of is $145 v $50 for parts and also $95 because that labor. Prices might vary relying on your location.

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CarServiceEstimateShop/Dealer Price
2003 Honda CivicL4-2.0LService typeTop Dead facility (TDC) Sensor ReplacementEstimate$380.55Shop/Dealer Price$456.94 - $663.61
2006 Honda CivicL4-2.0LService typeTop Dead center (TDC) Sensor ReplacementEstimate$360.55Shop/Dealer Price$436.96 - $643.64
1989 Honda CivicL4-1.6LService typeTop Dead facility (TDC) Sensor ReplacementEstimate$225.59Shop/Dealer Price$268.26 - $373.72
2001 Honda CivicL4-1.7LService typeTop Dead facility (TDC) Sensor ReplacementEstimate$903.63Shop/Dealer Price$1093.79 - $1605.77
2017 Honda CivicL4-2.0LService typeTop Dead facility (TDC) Sensor ReplacementEstimate$248.99Shop/Dealer Price$297.52 - $420.55
2009 Honda CivicL4-1.8LService typeTop Dead facility (TDC) Sensor ReplacementEstimate$292.45Shop/Dealer Price$350.46 - $499.69
1981 Honda CivicL4-1.3LService typeTop Dead facility (TDC) Sensor ReplacementEstimate$531.43Shop/Dealer Price$649.17 - $980.16
1985 Honda CivicL4-1.5LService typeTop Dead center (TDC) Sensor ReplacementEstimate$380.23Shop/Dealer Price$460.54 - $678.42

What is the top Dead center (TDC) Sensor all about?

Every engine, even if it is a single cylinder engine or a V8 engine, has actually top dead center. This position is a reference allude for engine timing and also indicates once a spark plug must fire, igniting the fuel the cylinder’s burning chamber. Top dead facility is as soon as the piston is at the an extremely top of its compression stroke. At this position, the intake and also exhaust valves in the cylinder head are closed and also the air-fuel mixture is compressed in the cylinder. The TDC sensor monitors a reference suggest on the camshaft that indicates where top dead center is ~ above a cylinder, normally cylinder number one. It sends a signal to the engine manage module which, in turn, communicates come send a spark to the cylinder at height dead center. The spark ignites the fuel and the strength stroke begins as the piston is required downward. The TDC sensor is an electric component and also is vulnerable to failure because of corrosion, cracking, or put on out. If the occurs, the engine regulate module might not get a correctly timed signal and also the spark may be sent to the wrong cylinder in ~ the dorn timing, causing your engine to run stormy or not run at all.

Keep in mind:

The height dead center (TDC) sensor is integral to the proper timing of her vehicle. If it is mounted incorrectly, your vehicle will no run or run very poorly.

How it"s done:

The auto battery is disconnectedThe defective top dead facility sensor is removedThe brand-new top dead center sensor is installedThe battery is connected and the engine is scanned and also cleared the codesThe repair is verified and the vehicle is road tested for proper operation

Our recommendation:

If your car’s check Engine light transforms on, or if the engine will certainly not operation or operation poorly, have actually one the our skilled mechanics inspect the problem and also replace the TDC sensor if required.

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What typical symptoms show you might need to replace the optimal Dead center (TDC) Sensor?

Engine will certainly not fire or runEngine runs poorly and also misfiresCheck Engine irradiate is on Backfiring is heard from the exhaust

How necessary is this service?

Since the TDC sensor is integral come a to run engine, that is important to address the operation issues associated with it as shortly as possible. Various other than a feasible stalling condition, there space no associated safety pertains to with the TDC.