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----------------------------------------Wow the was no joke.Yami just overcoming or perhaps I must refer come her together Darkness instead.And at any rate, this episode was funny with her jokes and the activity itself was amusing to watch too with some of the ecchi.I expect that once the uncensored versions come, the will stay consistent.

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i i do not know wait because that the extra episodes and also the proceed of the darkness arc we have to wait one more month to view it
Damn , yami was a bastard in this episode. That door or portal strength really Dammit!! I favor that. I favor the current yami than the previous one. I choose her much more with that type of personality. LALA VS YAMI was delayed until 28 OCT???? Why??? What happened to Xebec???
This scene to be cool though. I will certainly be waiting for the uncensored verison!
"If taking responsibility for a mistake the cannot it is in undone way death, it's not that hard to die. In ~ least, not as hard as to live on.
The last 2 episodes will air as a single dual length illustration on October 28thIn any type of case I"ve been waiting for this moment for around a year now and... Fine it certainly didn"t disappointed :>
Great adaptation that the epic fight with a substantial cliff-hanger considering what is still come come. This episode confirms why Mea deserves to be in the harem together we acquire to see her interior struggle through Nemesis. Quite to watch the main point girls gathered in addition to Yui, Haruna, and Lala every on the scene and the key girls native Darkness (Momo, Nana, Mea) and of course Yami in every her ecchi glory. I"m looking forward to October and the final two episodes. I think I have the right to predict at precisely what suggest they"re walking to end the collection as we"ll probably get a details visitor showing up as part of the after-effects of the battle.
In my following life I desire to collide at the corner with the cute carry student carrying a item of toast in she mouth...rodac
It was good to view Yami"s Darkness form.The last two episodes space going come air on October 28 and it will be one hour special:
Doki are constantly fastest at subbing TLRDThey"re just blacklisted on Nyaa for this reason you"ll need to go to their homepage directly instead
For me at least it did no get exciting until Yami turn into her darkness form. The cliffhanger do me wanting more. Tho a 10 and also best harem possibly not this season due to the fact that I enjoy Monster Musume much more but still all time.
Couldn"t asking for an ext in a episode a perverted Yami,twins teaming approximately fight and also fight between Yami and Lala.Can"t wait because that the last 2 episode look favor they will certainly be also better.
W-what? that was the last ep..?-sigh- okay :/ Looking front to those last two ~I kind of figured they"d give Yami a an ext mature voice together darkness though. At the very least that"s how it appeared to me analysis the manga. However I think I favor this way far better :)
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Hmmm weird, ns can"t prevent smiling even after the illustration was over. I don"t know why.... ;)Lightbeams and also dark mists, i hate you!
Dem censors lolAmazing episode! Darkness Yami is best Yami.Twins shooting your beam was also pretty cool.So hyped for the finale of this!
Nothing much less from Rito-sensei, he has actually corrupted the universe"s ultimate weapon of massive destruction!And currently we wait for the last two episodes...
I really chosen this episode! among my favourite scenes was probably Oshizu pulling Mea the end of Nemesis. That was great to view them together. Also, Darkness Yami gift "corrupted" by Rito is freaking hilarious. XD
wow, the yandere and also perverted yami is well, very yandere and also perverted lol.REALLY can"t wait for the uncensored :)
There is a two-episode unique being transfer on October 28. It will finish off the arc and also probably take care of another couple of chapters which will carry it to a logical series end. The manga is on-going.
In my next life I want to collide at the corner with the cute deliver student carrying a piece of toast in her mouth...rodac
I was wondering exactly how the hell they to be gonna jam the Darkness fight right into one episode.The remainder is a unique
Sometimes i think MAL"s mechanism of having actually special eps as separate entries is an ext confusing 보다 helping because that a most people
HaXXspetten said:Sometimes ns think MAL"s system of having special eps as different entries is more confusing than helping for a most people
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Blu ray,huehue
Oh Yami, girlfriend really set an awesome scenery
Oh man,what a dragoh fine I"ve reachedNirvana

This is just how I look at like once a new To Love Ru Darkness illustration comes the end :)
LOL This step though... Do me laugh... A lot...
Oh god....Darkness Yami is as well DAMN GOOD!It suck we have to wait a month to check out the last two episodes, but I personally guarantee everyone that it will be worth it.For one thing We"ll ultimately see Rito use his genuine power....stay tuned for the :)Anyways....TLR Darkness S2 to be a an excellent adaptation and also since I"ve currently seen the very first two illustration uncensored, I understand that they fixed what needed to it is in fixed and the remainder of the season should be top top par what we"ve concerned expect indigenous TLR.EASY 9/10 because that me....can"t wait for the final two illustration plus any type of future OVAs...TLR Darkness is the KING the ecchi and also don"t every fucking forget that!
HaXXspetten said:Sometimes ns think MAL"s mechanism of having actually special eps as separate entries is an ext confusing 보다 helping because that a lot of people
I"m not even sure why they just can"t leave it together 14 episodes.Bakemonogatari is tho officially noted as 15 episodes even though the last 3 episodes were technically "specials" and aired much further down the line."Episode 13 and also 14" the TLR Darkness S2 will air a month native now....not a huge deal to just keep it at 14 episodes rather of separating it. Also....I think it"s practically unfair for people to price TLR Darkness without them properly seeing the uncensored episodes.In anime such as this, you have to watch the uncensored illustration to fully immerse yourself in this world....of course people won"t favor the censorship and also of course your rating will certainly be lower since of it.But that"s simply my 2 cents.
Haha the comedy to be ridiculously hilarious through "Darkness". To Love-Ru doesn"t pull punches! Can"t wait for the special!
God, i love ecchi Yami. And this episode was ecchi at its finest, love it. Ns can"t wait for the one-hour special.

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This yes, really was a bullshit ending, ns mean, wtf to be they even trying to execute with this episode, they walk 1 thing, accurate 1 thing. And IT DIDN"T even FINISH!
HaXXspetten said:Sometimes ns think MAL"s mechanism of having actually special eps as different entries is an ext confusing 보다 helping for a lot of people
Rating this without the last episodes is stupid... Oh well 8/10. The critical episodes will more than likely be a 9/10.
Awseome stuff since To Love ru is best animeCensor-Kun to be working over time this illustration XDWhy not just make the a 13 or 14 episode season xD? Why does the critical 2 episodes have to be seppearate OVA?
Draknalor said:Awseome stuff due to the fact that To Love ru is ideal animeCensor-Kun to be working with time this episode XDWhy not just make the a 13 or 14 episode season xD? Why does the critical 2 episodes need to be seppearate OVA?
Because loss season is approximately the edge so some brand-new show will naturally steal that TV timeslot for these last 2 weeks, for this reason they can"t execute that
an true quote to live by i wonder how the net will react through this gif floating approximately lolsucks we gotta wait a month for the last 2 ! this arc was already setting the document for most on screen censors
Sugram22 said:where is last EP? the say"s 12EP but it should be 13 or 14 reason it wasn"t proper ending
I wonder how many people have asked this nowIt"s simply MAL gift stubborn ~ above separating special episodes into different entries
No... Because Rito have a very great role model, and he imitated "him" so the he can defeat Yami.:3
Cant wait to check out him to unleash his true power, also i would prefer to see exactly how well Rito have the right to imitate (i have read the manga)


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