Back when I was a relatively new lawyer, I had a boss that wasn’t really approximately the job--the type of guy who nitpicked prefer a mere manager, fairly than acting prefer a true leader. (It was this guy, in instance you’re wondering.)

I composed a memo because that him once in i beg your pardon I used the abbreviation “N.B.” alongside a really important point. He referred to as me right into his office.

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“What the hell is ‘N.B.?’” he asked, accusingly. He wasn’t happy. Ns was surprised that didn’t understand the expression; it’s short for nota bene, i beg your pardon is the Latin expression for “note well,” and it’s relatively common in legit documents. It suggests simply that the reader have to pay unique attention to every little thing comes next.

Of course, this intended that I had to start working various other Latin phrases into my conversations v him. It’s more than likely not what my high college Latin teacher intended us to usage the language for, yet I found it empowering.

Some say the Latin is a dead language, but in fact it lives on--especially in the shorter phrases and also concepts we often use in modern speech. I favor using them--or at least thinking around them--because the action of translating them focuses the psychic on their meaning. Below are a few of my favorites:

“All other things gift equal.” It’s advantageous when you desire to isolation a single issue and focus ~ above it. Ns studied business economics in college, and I had actually a professor who provided this phrase all the time.

Most of us have heard caveat emptor, i beg your pardon is “buyer beware.” This expression is that is counterpart, “seller beware”--a good reminder because that an entrepreneur.

An absolutely necessary component or ingredient. Determination is the sine qua non of entrepreneurship.

This one is actually better known currently by that English translation: bread and also circuses; the idea the many human being can it is in placated through diversions and also security, rather than aiming because that greatness. (See also, soda and reality TV.)

You know carpe diem--”seize the day.” This is the companion: “seize the night.” It might be a party anthem, yet it’s more about gift willing to put in whatever time is necessary to attain a worthy goal.

“Fortune favors the bold.” people who think points can’t be excellent are frequently interrupted by rather who space actually law them.

“Always faithful,” the motto the the U.S. Marine Corps. Even if you’re no a Marine, it’s great to recognize this one and what the means.

“Always prepared,” the motto of both the U.S. Coastline Guard and also (in Anglicized format) the young Scouts.

Thirteen paragraph is a an excellent start, yet the fact is that this list can be a lot longer--on toward infinity. Call me or share in the comments if you have some various other favorites.

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