1. General tire regulations in Germany

Tires have to comply through the provisions noted in the annex.The size and build type of tires the a car must correspond to the manufacturer"s design, specifically the pack index and the best speed. Also, the profile need to be manufacturer recommended. It"s illegal to use various other sizes without permission.Tires or other running surface that space in touch with the road, should not have any bumps or asperities that might damage a solid roadway surface.Tires with plane surfaces space not allowed on public roads. Tires of vehicles, and trailers, must have tread grooves (profile) approximately the entire circumference and throughout the entire width of the tread.The main profile must have a file depth that at least 1.6 mm end the entire circumference of a tire. However, for bicycles with electrical motors, mopeds, and also light motorcycles, a tread depth of at least 1 mm is sufficient.

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2. German winter tire laws

In winter weather conditions, “winter tires” or “snow tires” space mandatory. This mandatory winter tire need is only taken into consideration fulfilled if winter tires space fitted on all wheel positions in a vehicle. In a passenger car, for example, all 4 wheels must be fitted with winter tires.

Contrary come some bordering countries, over there is no official day or month to install and uninstall winter tires in Germany. In Austria because that example, there is a fixed duration from November 15 come March 15, in which winter tires space mandatory for any kind of vehicle travel on public roads.

In Germany, the surroundings of winter tires counts upon the weather situation and road problems in the winter months. That method under conditions of black ice, snow, slush/sludge, and frost, vehicles should be fitted through winter tires.

A local dominance of ignorance for winter tires is “O bis O (Oktober bis Ostern)”. This shows October come Easter is the time for winter tires. However, this saying has no legitimate value and is just a unstable guide. An additional guide have the right to be when the temperature beginning going listed below 7°C, that time to install winter tires. As road surfaces can gain slippery throughout nights and early mornings.

All winter tires are marked with the Alpine symbol, a hill pictogram with a snowflake.

Alpine symbol. All winter tires native September 30, 2024 must have actually this symbol. Otherwise, they would certainly not be taken into consideration winter tires.

For the time being, all-weather tires v M + S (Mud + Snow) marking are likewise considered perfect for winter months.

The mean of crashes is much greater in the winter months than in summer, and also the key culprit because that these mishaps are cheap M + S tires. M + S tires stayed under criticism by specialists in Germany and eventually your final date as winter tires to be decided. Therefore, all-weather M + S tires room valid winter tires until the 30th that September 2024, if they were manufactured before December 31, 2017.

Mandatory file depth because that winter tires is at the very least 1.6 mm but the encourage profile depth is at the very least 4 mm. The encourage winter tires transforming period is 6 years, also if they have sufficient profile depth left top top treads. Once the rubber i do not care harder it loses grip in low temperatures.

The situational winter tires obligation likewise applies to international visitors with vehicles of foreign registrations.

There are a couple of hilly locations where snow chains space required. It"s suggested by authorize 268.

Sign 268

This authorize belongs to mandatory signs. It way only vehicles v snow chain are permitted to proceed. The speed limit top top roads marked by this authorize is 50 km/h (31 m/h).

2.1 Violation of situational winter tire obligation

If a auto is pushed in winter road conditions without winter tires, this can an outcome in a fine of 60 Euros. Also, a allude is gone into in the driver"s license register in Flensburg.Any obstruction or hindrance come a third party (other roadway users or property) brought about by the violation that winter tire obligation, the fine can increase to 80 Euros.If a third party is intimidated by this violation, the fine have the right to increase to 100 Euros.If the owner and driver of a automobile are different persons, the owner who allows the driver to journey in winter problems without winter tires must also pay a 75 Euros fine, and a penalty point is significant in the Flensburg register.Winter tires are legally enabled to be offered in the summer months. However, over there are various other mechanical and economical flaw of using winter tires in summer. All-weather M + S tires can be used roughly the year it spins September 30, 2024.

2.2 Vehicles that execute not call for winter tires

Following vehicles are free from winter tires obligation. However, they are not allowed to take trip over the speed of 50 km/h in winter roadway conditions.

Motorcycles, mopeds, and also other single-lane vehicles. (A auto is considered a single-lane once it leaves just one line in the snow. The “einspurig” (single lane) and “mehrspurig” (multi-lane) are usual terms in German website traffic vocabulary.Tractors and other farming machineryCommercial vehicles because that forestryForkliftsMachines provided for building work and road maintenance, because that which no winter tires are commercially availableEmergency vehicles the the federal government organizations (armed forces, police, fire brigade, disaster control, and customs service)Wheelchairs with electric motorsAll types of unregistered or parked vehicles that room not walk to use public roadways in winter conditions. This also includes registered vehicles, which room parked ~ above roadsides but are not moved in winter conditions.In case of a level tire or any type of kind of other tire damage, the preventive tire have to not be a winter tire. It is permitted to travel to a for sure distance until the following tire repair/selling shop.

3. Environment of blended tires ~ above a vehicle

Radial tires and also bias-ply tires can not be blended on a vehicle. All four tires should be the same (radial or bias-ply).Winter tires have the right to be mixed with summer tires in the summer months. In winter road conditions, mixing of winter and also summer tires is prohibited.All-weather tires and winter tires have the right to be mixed in winter road conditions. However, all-weather M + S tires room only allowed as precious winter tires until September 30, 2024.Tires of various sizes or widths are not allowed to mix ~ above a vehicle. Official written permission is required to mix tires of various sizes and also widths. Police might ask because that this permission letter in regimen traffic controls.Some sporting activities models have factory-fitted tires of different sizes and also widths. These models carry out not need any kind of further permission due to the fact that that is installed and recommended through the manufacturer.Tires of different profiles, various tread depths, and different manufacturers deserve to be fitted together on a vehicle.Run-flat tires and standard tires are enabled to it is in mixed.Mixed tires room also permitted on motorcycles unless a specific mix is stated on the registration documents of a motorcycle. In this case, an application have the right to be it is registered to readjust the pre-defined combination.

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