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There was this specific king who thought that he would not fail if the knew what to be the ideal time for every action, who to be the right world to be with and what to be the most crucial thing to do. Until the proclaimed that he would give a an excellent reward to the person who deserve to answer his three questions.

Alot of learned men went for their answers. Unfortunately, their answers did not satisfy the king. So the king determined to above a wise hermit. He witnessed the hermit digging the ground and out that compassion, the did it for the hermit. He retained on asking the 3 questions but the hermit also kept silent. Until hours passed and it was currently sunset.

The hermit witnessed a bearded male running and also his hand on his stomach. He to be wounded and dying; the hermit said the king about it and they aided the mustache man.

The following day, the king wake up up and the bearded male saw him and apologize to him. He recognize that he to be an foe of the king. The bearded guy said the he heard about the king going come the hermit therefore he do the efforts to kill him when he was in his means back home but he failed.

The king asked the hermit as soon as again climate in every question, he answered:

1. Currently is the moment to perform every activity because currently is the just time that we have power.

2. The right person is who space you with.

3. The most necessary thing to do is to do good for the person you space with.

R E V ns E W

I enjoyed reading the story since I can conveniently understand the terms and messages. I evaluate that the writer is professional in recording the readers’ hearts. If over there is one character right here in this story whom ns am really love, that is the hermit. I liked him for being full of wisdom. I liked whatever he answered. The really verified that elders room really much more experienced and also logical around things in life; lock are complete of wisdom.

R E F l E C T ns O N

I’ve acquired alot of lessons here in the story and these are:

1. Elders have full of wisdom.

– i learned this when I knew the interesting answers the the hermit

2. There is always a perfect timing.

– I check out this as soon as the hermit did no bother to answer every time that the king asking the 3 questions. If the answered them, the king will certainly go earlier home and be killed. V perfect timing, the hermit did no answer and also the king did no go home and also was no killed.

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3. Forgiveness

– also the king knew thatthe male he assisted is his enemy, that still decided to assist him and also forgive him.