Otto von Bismarck
The German chancellor.
pacifismOpposition to every war.
Hague TribunalA civilization court to settle disputes in between nations
Alsace & LorraineThe border districts of France populated by Germany
Pan-SlavismA kind of nationalism that held that every Slavic peoples shared a typical nationality
RussiaThe largest Slavic country
"The powder keg that Europe"The Balkans
ImperialismCompetition because that colonies
MilitarismThe glorification that the military
Triple AllianceGermany, Italy, and also Austria-Hungary
EntenteA nonbinding agreement to follow common policies
Central PowersGermany, Austria-Hungary, and the footrest Empire
AlliesBritain, France, and also Russia
Bertha Von SuttnerWrote a ideal selling antiwar novel and organized a peace society
Archduke Francis FurdinandThe heir to the Austria-Hungary throne
SarajevoThe resources of Bosnia
The black HandA Serbian terrorist group
Gavrilo PrincipA member that the black color Hand who assasinated Archduke Ferdinand
Francis JosephThe Austrian Emperor
UltimatumA final set of demands
MobilizePrepare that military pressures for war
NeutralityA policy of suporting no side throughout a war
The Schlieffen PlanDesigned to avoid a two-front war
The firearms of AugustA widely check out study the the outbreak of the war
Edward GreyQuoted as saying,"The lamps room going out all over Europe. Us shall not watch them lit again in ours lifetime"
Battle the the MarneThe allied victory propelled the German offensive and also destroyed Germany's hope because that a fast victory on the west Front
StalemateA stalemate in which neither side is able to loss the other
Trench WarfareIn this layout of warfare, each side dug in and also created a large system of underground bunkers attached by interaction trenches and guarded by gun emplacements
"No Man's Land"This is area in between opposing trenches where the landscape was scared with shell holes and all was destroyed
Battle of VerdunThis allied offensive observed over one million dead throughout this 5-month battle with neither side winning an advantage
Battle the the SommeThis massive 11-month battle in 1916 cost an ext than a half-million casualties ~ above both sides
ZeppelinsLarge gas-filled balloons provided by Germans to bomb the English coast
U-boatsThese go tremendous damage to the Alied pearls that wherein carrying crucial supplies come British
ConvoysGroups of vendor ships defended by warships
Battle of TannenburgThe Russians suffered one of their worst loss of the war, leading to them come retreat, in the summer the 1914
Battle the GallipoliThe failed effort by the Allies to establish a crucial trade connect to the Russians by recording the right of Dardanelles
Lawrence that ArabiaLed guerilla raids against the Turks, dynamiting bridges and supply trains
Total WarThe channeling that a nation's entire resources into a battle effort
ConscriptionThe draft
PropagandaThe dispersing of ideas to promote a cause or to damages an opposing cause
AtrocitiesHorrible acts versus innocent people
V.I. LeninBecame the leader of Russia in 1917 and promised to traction Russia the end of the war
Treaty of Brest-LitovskGermany and also Russia signed this, effectivly ending Russian participation in world War 1
Woodrow WilsonPresident the the United claims during human being War 1
LusitaniaThis passenger liner to be torpedoed and sunk by a German U-boat resulting in 1,200 deaths through 128 the those being American
Zimmermann NoteThe brother revealed this mystery coded proposal to the americans of Germany's proposal of alliance v Mexico have to the U.S. Enter civilization War 1
Fourteen PointsWilson authorize his terms because that resolving human being War 1 and also future wars
Self-DeterminationThe ideal of human being to pick their own type of government
ArmisticeAn agreement to finish fighting
PandemicThe spread out of a disease across an entire country,continent, or the whole world
Spanish FluThis killed an ext than 20 million human being worldwide
ReparatonsPayments for war damage
Paris tranquility ConferenceWhere the Allies met come discuss and dictate the treaties of surrender to the main Powers
David Lloyd GeorgeThe British element minister during human being War 1
Geoges ClemenceauThe French leader during world War 1
Collective securityA device in i m sorry a group of countries acts an one to preserve the peace of all
Treaty of VersaillesThis forced covenant by the Allies ~ above Germany at the end of world War 1 placed the complete blame of the battle on Germany
MandatesTerritories administered by west powers
League that NationsMore than 40 countries joined this after civilization War 1 come negotiate conflicts rather 보다 resort to war