Dunder Mifflin"s Scranton office, top by local Manager Michael Scott (Steve Carrell), is home to a host of oddballs and hilarious hijinks. Native the optimal down, there isn"t a personality on the payroll the doesn"t possess some major quirks. Because that the many part, though, those quirks room endearing. Yes, Angela (Angela Kinsey) is disturbingly close through her numerous cats. And also Dwight"s (Rainn Wilson) overzealousness almost results in burning down the office. But, their idiosyncrasies were tempered through their much better qualities. There is, however, one member the "The Office" who possesses zero redeeming qualities: Todd Packer.

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Introduced in Season 1, Packer (David Koechner) is the branch"s traveling salesman and is the middle-aged identical of a "frat bro." among his numerous "qualities," Packer is vulgar, homophobic, and misogynistic. Whenever he check in v the branch, he brings a bevy the off-color jokes and tales that alleged sexual conquests. He is rude come every member the the team, including Michael, that considers the Pack-Man his best friend. However of every the awful things Packer said or did, one plot rises come the level of gift purely reprehensible.

In the Season 2 episode "The Carpet," Michael come at work-related to uncover a mysterious and also offensive-smelling substance on the carpet in his office. ~ attempts come clean the substance fail, Michael has actually the whole carpet removed. He then spends the rest of the workday do the efforts to identify which employee is responsible because that the mess. As the hrs pass, Michael mistakenly concerns view himself together the victim of a hate crime because, well, the hated the crime. Simply as to trust in his partner hits absent bottom, Packer calls come ask if Michael enjoyed the "package" Packer left him. Upon learning Packer to be behind it, Michael laughs the off and even praises the male for his advanced sense that humor.

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While the precise substance is never named, the audience is led to assume the Packer defecated on Michael"s carpet. Yes, that"s right: a middle-aged father snuck into his co-worker"s office at night and also pooped top top the floor. Packer"s crudeness and sexual braggadocio space barely tolerable, yet his plot in "The Carpet" crossed numerous lines. Not just did his fecal humor interrupt an entire workday and also require the price of replacing the carpet, but the act was also disgusting, vile, and mean-spirited. Because that a character who manages come surprise v each new low that hits, defecating on his friend and also co-worker"s carpet went too far.