Looking into a microscope, you notification cells swimming, moved by a lengthy tail. What cabinet structure need to these cells have actually in order to be mobile? flagella
Passive procedures that move substances throughout membranes: require no ATP
DNA replication takes ar during: interphase
The motion of substances v the cell membrane versus their concentration gradient is a type of _____ process.

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The objective of ____ is to develop two genetically the same somatic cells. mitosis
Which of the following is not a structural ingredient of the nucleus? Golgi apparatus
Which one of the complying with is not true about the plasma membrane? it permits water soluble molecules to pass through easily
Nutrients and ions can pass directly from cell to cell with special membrane junctions known as: gap junctions
The form of tissue consisting the cells installed in an extracellular procession is ________. connective
Kari tore her Achilles (calcaneal) tendon throughout a current track meet. She has actually injured: dense connective tissue
Which of this characteristics ideal describes cardiac muscle tissue? movement is involuntary and also cells possess striations
The membrane connections that protect against the leaking the fluid between cells room called: tight junctions
The activity of liquid through the cabinet membrane indigenous a high press area to a lower pressure area is called: filtration
The epithelial tissue found in locations subject to considerable friction and also abuse, such together the stomach or the skin, is: stratified squamous epithelial
Type of passive process in i m sorry a protein membrane channel is used facilitated diffusion
type that passive procedure in i beg your pardon water is relocated through aquaporins osmosis
type the active process in i m sorry the cabinet secretes vesicles exocytosis
type of active process in which the cabinet eats and also drinks endocytosis
type that passive process in i m sorry molecules relocate through the plasma membrane diffusion
The step, throughout protein synthesis, of assembling proteins by decoding the info in messenger RNA is called: Translation
the type of tissue through a matrix consisting of rows of fibroblasts that manufacture collagen yarn is: dense connective tissue
Which that the complying with represents a segment the RNA AUGUCA
Osmosis transports water throughout membranes using: aquaporins
Which of this cells space amitotic in ~ maturity? cardiac muscle cells
The hyrophobic tails the the plasma membrane encourage osmosis. false
Glands, such as the thyroid, that secrete their commodities directly right into the blood rather than v ducts room classified as: endocrine
Tendons and also ligaments are typical to this type of connective organization called: dense fibrous tissue
Ribosomes room found: in the cytoplasm and also on the rough endoplasmic reticulum
The type of muscle found in the walls of hole organs, such as the stomach, and also in the wall surfaces of blood vessels is: smooth muscle
Fibrous organization repair requires the development of: scar tissue
The procession of hyaline cartilage consists of plentiful collagen fibers covert in a rubeery matrix. true
Transcription is the phase in protein synthesis throughout which a safety mRNA molecule is synthesized native a DNA template. True
Which form of epithelial organization is discovered lining kidney tubules? simple cuboidal
Lysosomes room secreted by another organelle recognized as the: Golgi apparatus
Epithelial organization consisting that one great of cells flattened choose fish scale is referred to as a ______ epithelium simple squamous
Desmosomes room junctions that permit cell communication. False
Which type of connective organization is avascular? cartilage
Which of the adhering to is not classified together a connective tissue? skeletal muscle
Two types of endocytosis are: phagocytosis and pinocytosis
The portion of the cell's life cycle the does not involve cell department is well-known as: interphase
The molecule that consists of an anticodon is: transfer RNA (tRNA)
The nucleotides that DNA join in a complementary method in which adenine pairs with_______, if cytosine pair through ______ thymine, guanine
Many class of cube-shaped cells need to be termed _______ epithelial tissue stratified cuboidal
The period of the cell cycle as soon as the cabinet grows and performs that metabolic tasks is: interphase
Cellular material located external the cell nucleus yet inside the plasma membrane is the: cytoplasm
The type of epithelial tissue uncovered lining offal of the digestive system such together the tiny intestines is the ________ simple columnar
Which the the following statements is NOT component of the cell theory? the human being body is written of 50-100 sunshine cells
The three major components that the cytoplasm are the: cytosol, organelles, and inclusions
______ glands possess ducts that deliver secretions ~ above epithelial surfaces. exocrine
The devoted cellular compartments in ~ the cytosol that the cell are jointly called: chromatin
Sequences of 3 bases uncovered in messenger RNA (mRNA) are called: codons
Goblet cell are discovered in: simple columnar epithelium
The molecule that carries one amino mountain to the ribosome because that incorporation right into a protein is: transfer RNA (tRNA)
The two places for ribosomes in a cell room ____ and ______. free in the cytoplasm
Pinocytosis and also phagocytosis are species of both endocytosis and also exocytosis. False
Which type of tissue conducts electrochemical impulses? nervous tissue
The DNA segment that carries info for structure one protein or polypeptide chain is dubbed a ______. gene
The molecules the make the cell surface fuzzy, sticky, and also sugar-rich space the: glycoproteins
Protein synthesis wake up on the Golgi apparatus in the cell. False
The higher the osmotic pressure, the greater the propensity of water to move right into that area. True
A patience arrives in the hospital exceptionally dehydrated. In stimulate to fill his cells with fluid, what type of intravenous drip have to he receive? hypotonic
The form of connective tissue discovered in a deadly skeleton, the larynx, and connecting the ribs come the breastbone is ________. hyaline cartilage
The form of muscle tissue that deserve to be regulated voluntarily is called ______ muscle. skeletal
Identify the form of tissue that is uncovered in lymph nodes, the spleen, and bone marrow: reticular connective tissue
What room the exactly base-pairing rules because that DNA? adenine bonds to thymine and guanine bonds come cytosine
A equipment that has fewer solutes than the cell is: hypotonic
A cell would plump with water and possible lyse in which of the following solutions? hypotonic
The process of transcription: transfers details from DNA right into mRNA
The cell kind found in nervous organization is the _____. neuron
Stratified epithelium consists of countless layers that epithelial cells. true
Which that the adhering to do no involve the activity of molecule from one area of greater concentration to an area of lower concentration? filtration
Cytokinesis is the division of the cytoplasm conversely, mitosis is the division of the nucleus. True
Smooth muscle cells space uninucleated spindle-shaped cells that room voluntary. False
The passive process that requires the activity of water v aquaporins is ________: osmosis
Intercalated discs uncovered in cardiac muscle organization are: gap junctions
Which that the following would not be transported throughout a membrane using passive processes? amino acids
type of organization that composes the air bag of the lungs and also esophagus epithelial tissue
type of organization that have the right to be straightforward or stratified epithelial
type of organization that deserve to be classified together bone, blood, and cartilage connective tissue
type of organization that is composed of neurons and neuroglia nervous tissue
type of tissue that have the right to be explained as voluntary and involuntary muscle tissue
type of tissue that is dedicated to contract and also produce movement muscle tissue
type of tissue that has an apical surface and also a basement membrane epithelial tissue
type of organization that includes collagen, elastic, and also reticular fibers connective tissue
type of organization that is composed of life cells surrounding by an extracellular matrix connective tissue
type of organization whose 2 functional attributes are irritability and also conductivity nervous tissue
type of tissue that is avascular however regenerates rapidly epithelial tissue
Chromatin and chromosomes room both composed of DNA True
Fat is ideal described as: adipose tissue
The nucleoplasm and also cytosol comprise the ______ fluid. intracellular
The process of promoted diffusion requires energy. False
two separate daughter cells room produced telophase
chromosomes align at the equator or midline metaphase
spindle division down and also disappears telophase
centrioles separate and move toward opposite political parties of the cell prophase
nucleoli show up in every daughter cell telophase
cytokinesis is completed telophase
chromosomes separate and move to opposite end of the cell anaphase
chromosomes cluster and align at the facility of the spindle metaphase
nuclear envelope and also nucleoid malfunction and disappear prophase
A single layer of flattened cells would ideal be described as: simple squamous
Which of the following is NOT considered a cytoplasmic organelle? cytoplasm
If the sequence of nitrogenous bases in one strand that DNA and GTA-GCA, the succession of bases on its safety DNA strand would certainly be: CAT-CGT
The organelle that contains enzymes created by ribosoes and packaged by the Golgi apparatus is the ______. lysosome
Miotic spindles guide the separation that chromosomes.

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The phospholipid tails room ______, which do the plasma membrane imermeable come water. hydrophobic
Which of the following processes need the usage of protein carrier molecules? facilitated diffusion and also solute pumping
A cancer medicine interferes with the advance of mitotic spindle fibers throughout cell division. Which phase is straight affected? prophase
The organization that is typically well vascularized and also has substantial extracellular matrix is called: connective tissue