We are introduced to the Hebrew name, Jehovah Nissi, in the story of the Israelites and Moses while hike in the wilderness. Moses to be the first one to call upon the mr Jehovah Nissi in Exodus 17.

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When Israel challenged the Amalekites in battle at Rephidim the wasn’t v overwhelming force, an skilled army, or the ideal commanders. It was together a transient people of herdsmen escaping slavery in Egypt and also travelling uncertainly come a promised land they hadn’t checked out in over four hundred years. They were trespassers travelling through the lands of fierce fighting peoples. Lock travelled with women, children, herds, and all their possessions. The fight was for survival, for hope, for a future.

But lock travelled with something rather too, something else that no other country on planet had – a shaft of fire, a cloud the smoke, the an extremely presence the God. Israel did no fight its war alone. No matter exactly how inexperienced or overmatched they to be they were never ever the underdogs. No matter exactly how desperate lock felt castle were never ever at a loss. The great general, the perfect protector, the lord was with them. The really name supplied in bible is Jehovah Nissi - "the lord is mine banner". Moses knowledgeable both physical and spiritual victory with the Lord"s banner waving end the battle.


together the militaries lined increase to carry out battle, the men of Israel, under the command of a fresh appointed general, named Joshua, could have looked as much as a surrounding peak and also seen three figures – Moses, Aaron, and Hur - standing over there overlooking the battle. Once the very first battle cry sounded and also the foes engaged, nobody of the combatants had actually time come look. Yet Moses, the center of the 3 figures, raised his hands end the battle, and also when he did, Israel started to take the top hand.

But, as the job wore on and the sun rose high and hot, Moses tired. The was not a young man and the fight wore on; Moses sagged and also dropped his eight to his side. Immediately, the Amalekites rallied and began to press the Israelites. Aaron and also Hur realized what was happening and also stepped to Moses’s side; they dragged a tiny boulder close for him to sit on and also each take it an arm and also raised lock again end the battle. As they go this, the Israelite fighters rallied come Joshua, found new strength, and also the Amalekites felt brand-new fear.

God proved the nation that He overcame on their Behalf - "My Banner" Jehovah Nissi

Throughout the afternoon and into the evening, Aaron and also Hur sustained Moses’s arms. Lock lifted him together he lifted the people before God. The world of Israel prevailed in battle that day. It to be a day to remember, because that it to be the work God first showed them as a country that He dealt with for them, the He led castle in come battle, the He protected and also conquered on your behalf, and that he was your banner.

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The inquiry arises, though, what walk it mean for God to be our banner? once Moses surname the altar, “Jehovah Nissi – The mr is my banner,” we know it is significant. We recognize it is because that remembrance, but what rather is it, and also what go it mean for God to it is in our banner today? consider how banners space used, and it will begin to reveal some that what this title means.