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Alfred Noyes and also a review of 'The Highwayman'

'The Highwayman' is a lyrical ballad that 17 stanzas v a rhyming narrative, swift-moving rhythms and full romantic imagery. Regardless of the classic Edwardian style, it's a renowned poem still, loved by children and adults alike.

The setting is 18th century England in the time of King George III. Countless roads room still primitive and also unpoliced, thus the climb of the infamous highwayman, one outlaw top top horseback who stops world on the road, often brandishing a pistol or sword, demanding cash and personal treasures.

This city portrays one such highwayman in a romantic light—he rode through a 'jewelled twinkle' for example, and also wore a 'French cocked-hat' (not an English hat), which suggests that he had a flair because that the provocative, a certain je ne sais quoi.

His connection with Bess, a landlord's black-eyed daughter, is among pure romanticism. The is the gentleman robber (a la Robin Hood), a hero that the people, a criminal however somehow loved since he flouts authority and also lives on his wits and also bravado.

Bess and also he are lovers, this is clean from the language and also suggestive tone. However someone rather loves Bess—Tim—the ostler (archaic name for stable-hand), who, in contrast to the lovers who are viewed as passionate, beautiful innocents, is pale and unhealthy, even a tiny mad. That represents society at large.

Strangely, or logically, Tim is only discussed once, in the 4th stanza, yet his role appears to be pivotal. Return it's unclear as to whether he in reality betrays the ill-fated lover or not, the does overhear castle in the dark, therefore the leader is led to believe that the is the one who offers away their secret.

The themes that the poem are:

love and betrayal, sacrifice and innocence.morality and duty.

The poet uses strong imagery, much repetition, rhythm and also full rhyme to reinforce the storyline. The present in each stanza space either hexameter (6/7 stresses) or trimeter/tetrameter (2/3/4 stresses), long then short.

Alfred Noyes, teacher, novelist and also poet, was a solid believer in maintaining heritage in his poetry. Not for the the totally free verse that the modernists, which that hated, he much preferred keeping rhyme and also rhythm and also simplicity come the fore.

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Many i disbanded his job-related as retrograde and also sentimental yet others argue over there will constantly be a ar for rhyming lyric and also rhythmic ballad in poetry, especially since children seem to be attracted to a suspenseful story collection to familiar beat and basic syllabic pattern.