Part B: intermediary Variability: Anchovy Collapse

Most the the world's largest ocean fisheries space based on tiny fish such together anchovies and also sardines. These species dominate in the highly fertile upwelling regions along the coastlines of California, Peru, the Canary Islands, and South Africa. These species are also common in other nutrient enriched locations such as those close to Japan and also Argentina. Populaces of anchovies and sardines tend to expand rapidly as soon as feeding and also spawning problems are favorable however are vulnerable to rapid collapse as soon as ocean problems change.

Examine the graph listed below of Peruvian anchovy records from 1950-2017.

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prize the complying with questions to examine your knowledge of the information presented in the graph above.

Stop and Think

2: provided that anchovies count on upwelling because that food, exactly how do friend think El Niño events might influence the anchovy fishing industry? 3: based on your monitorings in component A of how quickly California sector squid have generally rebounded ~ El Niño events, which (if any) the the patterns in Peruvian anchovy captures do girlfriend think could be as result of El Niño, and also which (if any) execute you think are due to other influences? define your reasoning.

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price the adhering to questions to examine your understanding of the information presented in the passage about El Niño and the Peruvian anchovy industry.

Optional Extensions

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