A ingredient of a function that is attached in parentheses.

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arrayUsed to build single formulas that produce multiple results or that operate on a team of arguments.
authenticationThe procedure of verifying the people and also products space who and what they insurance claim to be.
certificate government (CA)A third-party reality that worries digital certificates to be provided by others.
change historyInformation maintained about changes make in past editing sessions, consisting of the surname of the human being who made every change, when the adjust was made, and what data was changed.
conditional formulaAutomatic formatting based upon established criteria.
digital certificateA means of proving identity and also authenticity.
digital signatureA signature the is provided to authenticate digital details using computer cryptography.
lookup functionsFunctions supplied to uncover information save on computer in a table in one Excel worksheet
passwordText that have to be keyed before a user can access a workbook, worksheet, or worksheet element.
shared workbookA workbook the is set up to permit multiple users on a network to view and also make alters at the exact same time.
strong passwordA password the combines uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.
tableA variety of cell in a worksheet that can be used by a lookup function.
track changesThe capability to mark and also record the alters that have been made come a workbook.
axisA heat bordering the graph plot area as a frame of referral for measurement.
chartA graphical depiction of numeric data in a worksheet.
chart areaAn whole chart and also all that elements.
chart sheetA sheet that includes only a chart.
data labelsText that provides added information about a data marker, which to represent a solitary data suggest or value that originates native a worksheet cell.
data markerA bar, area, dot, slice, or other symbol in a chart the represents a solitary data point or value that originates type a worksheet cell.
data seriesRelated data mite in a chart.
embedded chartA chart the is placed on a worksheet fairly than ~ above a separate chart sheet.
legendA crate that identify the fads or colors that space assigned come the data collection or categories in a chart.
legend keysA an essential that appears to the left that legend entries and identifies the color-coded data series.
plot areaThe area bounded by the axes of a chart.
PivotTableA report draft to quickly condense huge amounts that data, which can be supplied to analyze and also display the number data in detail and also to answer unforeseen questions around data.
sparklineA tiny chart in a worksheet cabinet that offers a visual depiction of data.
titleDescriptive text that is immediately aligned to an axis or focused at the optimal of a chart.
clipA single media paper including art, sound, animation, or a movie.
clip artA single piece the ready-made art, often appearing as a bitmap or a combination of attracted shapes.
Clip OrganizerA tool to gather and store your very own clips so the you can easily locate them and insert them right into documents.
connectorA line the has connection points at its ends that stay linked to the form to which friend have associated it.
flowchartA schematic depiction of a process, or a working map that helps customers reach a final product or decision.
organization chartA chart that graphically illustrates the administration structure of one organization.
Quick StylesCombinations of various formatting options.
SmartArt graphicA visual depiction of information and ideas that have the right to be provided with other images and decorative text.

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Text paneA pane that appears to the left the a SmartArt graphic that works like an summary or a bulleted list that maps information directly to the graphic.