Godly Homemaking wisdom because that a peaceful and also joyous residence life. . .."Faint not; the mile to heaven room but couple of and short." -Samuel Rutherford

And Testimony of reading Through the scriptures with Mister.

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"After Laura and Mary had actually washed and also wiped the dishes, brushed up the floor, made your bed, and dusted, they worked out down v their books. Yet the residence was for this reason cozy and pretty the Laura preserved looking up at it."

- Laura Ingalls Wilder

"As because that her, like many women, she had however one ambition. To it is in a good wife and a good mother, and also to it is in beloved by she husband and also children, was all she asked. a busy, affectionate, cheerful small housewife, who voice would never ever be heard in the streets, yet whose storage would always live in a few faithful hearts." - Elizabeth Prentiss, 1800"s.
Housewife: A married woman who stays home. This is a lifelong vocation. It is one old-fashioned term, and other to be proud of.Not a "domestic engineer." Not a "home manager."An old fashioned housewife, who keeps the home,and abides there.- Mrs. White
Thank girlfriend Mama for Praying because that Me(April 2014, edited update: I deserve to no longer discover the original video and track online, by "The Inspirations," i m sorry is my favorite version. However, the lyrics listed below are indigenous them. The current video clip (above) was mutual with me through a reader. The track in the video clip is sung by Amos Raber.)Lyrics because that "Thank girlfriend Mama because that Praying for Me" sung through The InspirationsSomebody, somewhere was praying the nightWhen Jesus come in and I experienced the light.It must have been MamaI"ve heard her beforeas she knelt by she bedside, she tears touch the floor.Thank you Mama because that praying for meIf you had not prayed, then where would ns be.They dubbed you old fashioned, yet you love the Lordand your prayers touch the master as your tears touch the floor.She held to the altar and also wouldn"t provide in"Til she knew every her children had to be born again.Just an old fashioned Mama, however she love the Lordand her prayers touched the grasp as she tears touch the floor.Thank you Mama because that praying because that meIf you had actually not prayed then whereby would ns beThey dubbed you old fashioned, however you loved the Lordand her prayers touch the understand as her tears touched the floor.Thank you Mama because that praying for meIf you had not prayed then whereby would i beThey referred to as you old fashioned, however you love the Lordand her prayers touched the master as her tears touch the floor.
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What a beautiful post...and what gorgeous children. Say thanks to you for sharing. ((Hugs))

September 17, 2009 at 10:41 AM

I just had actually to come ago here. That video clip and song have actually me in tears again, something i seem to carry out a most these days! thank you

June 4, 2014 in ~ 6:55 PM

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