Taylor Daniel Lautner is one American actor and Model. He to be born on February 11, 1992 in grand Rapids, Michigan, joined States, to parental Daniel Lautner and Deborah Lautner. He has actually one younger sister named Makena Lautner.

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He is showed up in numerous films and also Television mirrors such together The Adventures that Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D (2005), The Twilight Saga: brand-new Moon (2009), The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010), The man 6 (2015), Summerland (2004), What’s New, Scooby-Doo? (2005), He’s a Bully, Charlie Brown (2006), Scream queens (2016) and many more. He has won an ext than 15 Awards in his acting career.

Below, we space sharing Taylor Lautner call number, email id, website, pan mail and his society Media Profiles. Friend can affix with Taylor Lautner is through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. Friend will uncover latest pictures, shows, occasions and much more updates around him. He has an ext than 6 Million followers on his Instagram account.

Taylor Lautner Contact Information:

Taylor Lautner Phone Number -> (310) 601-2101(This is the Contact variety of Taylor Lautner which could or might not work. The best means to contact him is v Social Media platform choose Instagram, Facebook, etc.,

Taylor Lautner Email resolve -> N/A

Taylor Lautner website –> N/A

Taylor Lautner WhatsApp Number -> N/A

Taylor Lautner Residence Address -> grand Rapids, Michigan, joined States

Fan mail Address:

Taylor Lautner,Untitled Entertainment,350 South Beverly Drive,Beverly Hills, CA- 90212United States

Office Address:

350 South Beverly Drive,Beverly Hills, CA- 90212,United States

(Fans deserve to write a letter come him and send it to the above mail address. If you space lucky, girlfriend will acquire a an answer in two to 3 Months. You can send your photograph with a inquiry for Autograph)

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Taylor Lautner an individual Information:

Name: Taylor Lautner

Date of Birth: February 11, 1992

Birth Place: grand Rapids, Michigan, united States

Nationality: American

Height: 5 feet 8 inches (1.74 m)

Weight: 74 Kg (163 lbs)

Age: 28, as of December 2020

Debut Movie:  Shadow fury (2001)

Father Name: Daniel Lautner

Mother Name: Deborah Lautner

Partner Name: N/A

Girlfriend (s): Taylor Dome (Not Sure)

Spouse: None

Children: None

Net Worth: $40 Million

Social Media Profiles:

Facebook ->

Instagram ->

Twitter ->

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YouTube ->

(Fans can follow Taylor Lautner top top his social Media for recent news and also updates.)

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