UPDATED REVIEW - December 1, 2014 - no RECOMMENDED -Suzuki MDG200, SD10, SL1, DP1000, HP99 - I an initial wrote this evaluation over two years ago when few of these pianos an initial came out, and since then the few of them have actually been discontinued. The existing models space the HP99, SD10, SL1, and also MDG200 micro grand. The MDG200 Micro grand is usually the precise same piano together the Suzuki DG10 Micro grand normally uncovered at Costco US. Go to the following attach for my review of the DG10: Suzuki DG10 Review. The other Suzuki models i reviewed here are not available on the Suzuki net site any kind of longer. Ns still execute not recommend any type of of the Suzuki digital pianos due to the fact that of poor crucial action an answer and unrealistic piano sound and poor pedaling function.
Suzuki SL1
Suzuki digital pianos have been approximately for a lengthy time and also the Suzuki surname is relatively well well-known for violins and also piano & violin to teach methods as well as for motorcycles, cars, and also other consumer products. There are likewise Suzuki acoustic upright and grand pianos too. In the instance of Suzuki pianos, this (piano) agency has naught to do with the non-musical Suzuki products and also services you watch in other places. The Suzuki piano firm is independent and owned personally from most other Suzuki products and also the digital pianos are produced by one unknown Chinese digital piano factory.

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In mine opinion that does not really issue where a piano is made and who makes it, as long as it is a good quality instrument which carefully (as lot as possible) plays like a real acoustic upright or cool piano, has an excellent construction, and also is reliable. I have played all of the new Suzuki digital pianos and also put them through their paces and the most necessary things essential in digital pianos is an essential action feel, tone high quality & velocity response, ideal damper pedal movement together with sustain & half damper response, and finally construction. The Suzuki"s carry out look
choose quality digital pianos however there space some definite difficulties with their playability in my opinion. The DP1000, R21, & HP99 are identical in vital action movement and also piano sound velocity response in how difficult or soft you press the keys.

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Good velocity response way that the volume that the piano sound plays evenly and gets increasingly louder or softer relying on how difficult you push on the keys. After play these pianos i noticed the Suzuki R21 - $995 net discount (above left pic), DP1000 refined ebony -at Costco because that $999 - left pic) but additionally on-line at music keep sites because that $1495, HP99 - $1795 net discount (below left pic), & TSI-1ei - $1695 net discount (not pictured) all have actually a trouble in this area. The key touch velocity & dynamic an answer is really uneven and the sound is not smooth and gradual in volume (because that that) as soon as playing the keys. Simply put, this would most likely be as result of inexpensive electronics/key sensors in the piano together with the physical parts provided in the key action. Suzuki provides the same crucial action and an easy electronics in all their pianos for this reason the results are regrettably the very same in every models.The #1 many thing in a digital piano (and piano teachers look because that this too) is acquiring a effectively weighted key action movement. Also, as soon as you press a vital down lightly as much as it have the right to go, you should hear no sound in ~ all. The is typical in acoustic pianos. In the Suzuki pianos pointed out here, the piano sound actually is prompted about half way under so friend hear the sound even before the crucial gets to the bottom...not a an excellent thing. This will certainly throw turn off your capability to pat with suitable dynamics and note timing, particularly if you room a beginner and also just learning. These things room not something i m sorry is evident when very first playing the pianos, specifically if girlfriend have little or no experience with pianos. However after awhile it will end up being important as you progress with class or if you play and shot to use proper soft to according to dynamics. Pat any new Casio, Yamaha, Kawai, or Roland and you will certainly not discover this problem in those pianos.
The resonance of the piano ton is also an extremely shallow and also short as soon as holding down the damper pedal particularly on the upper fifty percent of the piano keys. Add to that situation the problem of the damper pedal (right pedal) which is used frequently for sustaining (holding) the keep in mind for a while after ~ you release the key, does not function as acoustic pianos do. On one acoustic piano, as soon as you push the damper sustain pedal (right pedal) down to get full sustain, the sustaining ton is an alleged to gradually let off as the pedal comes earlier up, and not just instantly stop
as the pedal beginning going back up. In the digital piano world, steady up & under sustain is called "half-damper." Yamaha, Casio, Roland, Kawai, and also a couple other brand names have actually this feature but Suzuki go not. Suzuki only has actually sustain "on or off" (like most inexpensive key-boards do) and that is definitely an problem in my opinion, particularly for the piano student or player as they development to greater skill levels. My favourite saying is the "you cannot judge a publication by that is cover" and that"s true for pianos together well. The Suzuki digital pianos all at once look attractive (most the the cabinet that space in the an easy dark rosewood color additionally come in refined ebony for an ext money) and also sound yes sir (nothing special compared to the other brands) and also can even be price competitive because that what castle "seem to offer," but the reality is they do not come nearby to playing at all choose real acoustic pianos (even in ~ minimum standards as much as I"m concerned).
Suzuki SD10
As far as reliability, extr features, and also warranty, the is not important if the basics aren"t right although my an individual experience has actually not been too good with Suzuki digital piano reliability in the past. In fact, as soon as I once played the DP1000 in a Costco, the sustain pedal to be not working at all and it was plugged in properly... Not a an excellent sign. The DP1000 (and the more recent SD10) does have some cool functions including drums, chords, multiple sounds, iPod docking tray, and also is in an attractive polished black room (SD10 is in satin black). However the an essential action and volume/dynamic solution is just not agree in mine opinion if you desire a great playing experience for yourself or your kids, or various other members of the family. For every the digital upright layout models Suzuki uses incl their small (cute looking) digital infant grands, ns would continue to be away indigenous them and also move ~ above to various other brands consisting of Roland, Yamaha, Casio, and also Kawai. Those pianos work well, sound great, have useful features and most importantly, carry out what pianos are claimed to do.
The present model MDG200 micro grand, SD10 small vertical room piano through folding lid, and also the SL1 portable piano on stand all re-publishing the same key action, countless of the exact same sounds, pedaling functions, features, and also velocity volume solution electronics. Return a the majority of the digital functions on these pianos are pretty cool, Suzuki misses the mark when it pertains to the playing fundamentals the piano, in my opinion. The SL1 at $599 Costco price is the the very least expensive piano that is offered and it"s just the little brother that the SD10. I have actually done a complete review that the SD10 and my comments there use to all present model Suzuki pianos. Walk to the following connect for my SD10 review: SD10 reviewI yes, really did desire to like these Suzuki pianos, however unfortunately I can not. Ns have also reviewed in detail a couple of their other Suzuki models in the previous which deserve to be uncovered on the adhering to links: