Define an mountain according come Arrhenius.

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A substance that produces/gives off/releases hydrogen ions (H+) as soon as they dissolve in water.
Define a "base" according to Arrhenius.A substance that releases hydroxide ions once they dissolve in water.
Define an mountain according to Bronsted-Lowry.Acid is a proton donor.
Define a "base" according to Bronsted-Lowery.A basic is a proton acceptor.
What is the limitation to the Arrhenius system?Some bases have actually no hydroxide ion...NH3 is a base through no hydroxide ion.
What are the five properties of acids?1) Taste sour. 2) React through bases in a neutralization reaction to form a salt + water. 3) turns blue litmus record red. 4) Some metals react with acids to release H2 gas. 5) once you include acid come water you obtain hydronium ions.
When Zinc is included to hydrochloric acid what are the products?Products room ZnCl2 + H2 gas. Metal and an acid.
When you add HCl to water what is the product?H3O+ (hydronium ion) and Cl- (minus)(chloride ion).
What is a monoprotic acid?An acid that donates 1 H+ ion. HCl, HNO3.
What is a diprotic acid?Acid that donates 2 H+ ions. H2SO4
What is a triprotic acid?Acid that donates 3 H+ ions. H3PO4
Which is stronger, an organic acid or a mineral acid?Mineral acids room stronger than organic acids.
The strong acids are?HNO3, Nitric, HCl, Hydrochloric, and H2SO4, Sulfuric.
The weak acids are?H2CO3 Carbonic, H3PO4 Phosphoric, H3BO3 Boric, and CH3COOH Acetic.
What provides an acid solid or a weak mountain weak?The extent to which an mountain dissociates to type ions identify the strength of the acid.
Why is HCl acid thought about a solid acid?It completly dissociates creating hydrogen (plus) and also chloride (minus) ions. 100 molecule of HCl to produce 100 hydrogen ions and 100 chloride ions.
Why is acetic acid taken into consideration a weak acid?Most the it's molecule don't dissociate, just a few. 100 molecules of acetic acid will certainly only produce 25 hydrogen ions.
How space acids generated?By making use of an mountain anhydride - an oxide that produces an mountain when liquified in water. SO2 + H2O --> H2SO3 (an acid)
Do "bases" expropriate or donate protons?Bases are proton acceptors.
All bases save hydroxide ion except...?NH3 ammonia, CH3NH2 amine, possibly others.
NaOH is a solid base. What would certainly you suppose it to perform in water.Completly dissociate into Na+ and OH- ions.
Fe(OH)3, and also most that the shift metal bases, is a weak base. What does it carry out when mixed with water.Dissociates really little. For 100 molecule you would get 90 molecules of what you started with and 10 Fe+3 and 30 OH-1 ions.
How do you create bases?With "basic anhydrides" which are metal oxides that react with water to kind bases. CaO + H2O, BaO + H2O
What is "ionization"?Ionization is once a problem dissociates to kind ions.
What are electrolytic solutions?Solutions that conduct electricity.
What is a "strong electrolyte"?Something the dissociates completly right into ions, have the right to be bases, acids, soluable salts.
What is a "weak electrolyte"?Something that dissociates to form few ions.
What is a "non-electrolyte"?Something that does no dissociate, creates no ions, does no conduct electricity.
What are "salts"?Salts space ionic compounds, developed from neutralization. If they room soluable salts they conduct electricity.
If friend mix a strong acid v a strong base what kind of salt do you get?A neutral salt. HCl + NaOH --> NaCl + H2O
If friend mix a solid acid v a weak basic what sort of salt carry out you get?An acidic salt solution. 3HCl + Fe2(OH)3 --> FeCl3 + 3H2O
If you mix a strong base v a weak acid what type of salt perform you get?A straightforward salt solution. 3NaOH + H3BO3 --> Na3BO3 + 3H2O
If friend mix a weak acid v a weak base what type of salt do you get?A neutral salt solution. H3BO3 +Fe(OH)3 --> F3BO3 + H2O
What is meant by the term "pH"?pH is a method of measuring the acid-base stamin of solutions.
About 1 in 5 hundred million water molecules transfers a proton to one more molecule. What is produced?A hydronium ion H3O+ and a hydroxide ion OH-
In pure water the acidic hydronium ions and the an easy hydroxide ions are in equilibrium. What is Molarity the both?The Molarity that both ions is 1 x 10-7 power each, including up come 1 x 10-14 power.
For water, the number 1 x 10 -14 strength is dubbed what?It's referred to as the Kw of water meaning the dissociation constant, AKA the "Ion Product" that water.
What is the formula because that the ion product the water?Kw = which is 1 x 10 -14 = <1 x 10 -7> < 1 x 10 -7>
On the pH scale a pH the 7 is what? Acidic or basic?Neither, 7 is neutral.
On the pH scale a pH better than 7 would certainly be which, basic or acidic?Greater 보다 7 is basic.
On the pH range a pH less than 7 would certainly be which, an easy or acidic?Less 보다 7 is acidic.
Buffers space compounds that retain a constant _____ despite the addition of little amounts of acid or base.They retain the exact same pH.
What is the chemistry composition that a buffer solution?A weak acid and also it's "sodium" salt or a weak base and also it's "sodium" salt.
What type of mountain is developed in ours stomach?HCl acid
What sort of mountain is produced in our muscles when exercised?Lactic acid
The management of street produces what sort of acid?Pyruvic acid
CO2 in the blood forms what kind of acid?H2CO3
What is the typical pH the blood in humans?7.35 - 7.45 pH
If a human being is HYPOventilating the blood pH goes listed below 7.35. What is this condition called?Respiratory acidosis.
If a human being is HYPERventilating the blood pH goes above 7.45. What is this condition called?Respiratory alkalosis.
Define titration.Using the volume and also concentration the a known solution to identify the concentration of one unknown volume of solution.

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What is the "end point" in a titration?The chemistry indicator alters color informing you that the unknown has been totally used up.
When law acid-base titrations you room reacting what ions?H+ through OH- ions
The formula because that calculating the unknown in a titration is?Molarity of acid x volume of acid = molarity of basic x volume that base. Ma x Va = Mb x Vb