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2005 Subaru Outback. Motorists door will certainly not open. Fob and inside door look/unlock switch move the door actuator about half way, however not sufficient to relax the lock. Vital will just turn component way, however not open door from outside. I"m guessing a pole or cable is loose or not attached. Ns can"t get the door to open in order to check the inside. Just how do I gain the door open?

Not much help, but this seems to be a recurring problem, there is no a reported solution regarding how to open the door, and also how to settle the problem."ve sent a afternoon to rbrdog; hope there was a solution . . .
Drivers Door stuck closed
Thanks, I had actually seen every the other comments and also it is scary to think no one has actually a good answer because that this problem especially due to the fact that it is a vast safety issue. I will certainly be avoiding at my neighborhood Subaru dealer this morning to view if they deserve to help.
could it be frozen? does it stick after driving vehicle with warmth on high awhile?do friend live in a cold climate area?
Driver"s door won"t open
Thanks, I thought of that, I"m in Utah, so ns ran heater on high and also warmed her up, yet no luck. Today it is in the 40"s therefore cold is not an issue. Left her at Subaru dealer this day ans will certainly report the outcome.....

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fIX FOR chauffeurs DOOR
After acquisition to dealer and also spending $450.00 because that labor and parts, I"m glad ns did. I talked through the tech who walk the job and it was not easy one.


'05 Outback 3.0 R VDC Ltd Wagon, Satin White/Granite Gray, '81 VW Scirocco S, '86 VW Scirocco ('93 2.0L conversion), '88 VW Scirocco 16V
I had actually the specific same very first hurdle was just how to get the door dashboard off v the door closed. After much deliberation and also asking everyone that I might for their advise, I ultimately got exhausted of climbing in and out the the passenger next of the vehicle one day and said "To **** with it" and savagely ripped the door dashboard off...literally. Amazingly enough, I finished up act very tiny damage come the door panel and am still utilizing it today. The problem itself came to be in the outer door handle, the lever that moves downward ~ above the inside of the door manage as you pull up on that from the external had slipped past the bar that it was an alleged to be pushing down which subsequently released the catch enabling the door to open. I believed I was actual slick & stuck the door take care of in mine vise and also took a pair of angry grips and also bent the lever just a bit so that this would no longer happen. All was peachy for around a month and also a half, and then, boom, the problem struck again. So I ended up purchase a brand-new outer door handle (bummer is that they don"t come painted), having it painted at a human body shop...and well, that is whereby i am v this project...haven"t choose it up from the human body shop yet, and also it"s still opening fine top top my last "bend job", has been for a few months now. Understanding me, i will certainly wait until it fails again to install the brand-new outer door handle.Best that luck!