1. I believe that the author’s purpose in the story is come prove that African-Americans, who have been in history abused and also have to be victims of racism and also discrimination, can additionally make an affect on the civilization like the their white American counterparts. In this case, that was with the success of African-American boxer Joe Louis.

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2. Maya Angelou relates the pride of african Americans v the result of the fight as a symbol of your race’s battle versus oppression and also abuse. As discussed above, African-Americans used to be slaves and were thought about low forms of life simply since of the color of your skin, i beg your pardon is why, because that Angelou, a success by the African-American boxer would additionally mean a victory for the remainder of their race.

3. Paragraphs 16 and also 17 are not just figurative declaration but also truths. They signify the sufferings the the afri American gyeongju and more or less present the harsh realities that they challenged during the time.

4. The author’s error in the story is largely for interpretation. However, her post is clear- the African-Americans, who have actually been mistreated in the past, can likewise make a distinction in any kind of endeavor in the world even if it method defeating your white American counterparts.

 Questions on writing Strategy

1. Details such together the collection of a large number the African-Americans to be cramped up in a store, listening come the radio suggests that something really important was around to happen.

2. Angelou built up suspense by narrating how the African-American boxer, that was the reigning champion at the time, to be badly being beaten up prior to rising up and also overpowering his foe. I had the ability to predict the winner as soon as the author described how the boxer was already battering his adversary after being almost defeated.

3. The irony in Angelou’s i in i m sorry she defined that it would be dangerous because that a black male to be checked out alone top top the road following the African-American boxer’s win implied that their gyeongju was still topic to abuse and also torment throughout that time. She indicated that the white Americans might take the end their frustrations versus their race.

4. The author’s use of straight quotations more or less display a human side come the story and also adds credibility come the narration.

5. In paragraph 27 alone, the narration that the scene heavily depended upon Angelou’s description of the African-Americans in the save after the win Joe Louis. The writer had to describe even the most simplest points such as males pouring beer on your bottles in bespeak to display how necessary the victory of your boxer was.

Questions ~ above Language

1. “String-along songs about razor blades” (5) were simply the author’s narration the an advertisement on razor blades.

2. Solid verbs used in the story incorporate ambushed, raped, maimed, and also hanging ~ above a tree, among others.

3. The author’s use of Non-Standard English make the story an ext or less easy come understand and easy to relate to due to the fact that there space no strictly formalities or rule on grammar and the like.

4. Apprehensive means being anxious around something. Assent way to agree to what has been disputed or proposed. Ambushed way to secretly attack an opponent. Maimed method to serious hurt or damaged someone. Ordained method to choose officially. Ambrosia is a food that the Roman and Greek gods and also white lighting means to be very quick and also agile in movement.

Fish Cheeks

Questions top top Meaning

1. Tan cried because she to be both afraid the her crush would certainly not appreciate the food that will be served to him and his household and also nervous that he will check out him face to face.

2. Tan’s mom prepared a traditional Chinese meal to display that also though she is in a foreign country, she is true to she grass root. The finest sentence to describe Tan’s situation- She had the ability to accept she true identification after years of experience and realizations.

3. Initially, Tan to be a little bit apprehensive about practicing her Chinese traditions and customs because she want to fit in the American culture. However, she realized in the finish how important her elevator was and how her mother, that was an important part of she identity, loved her an extremely much.

4. Basically, Tan’s function in composing this essay is to show how crucial it is to remain true to one’s identity, culture, and background, no matter where one goes.

Questions on composing Strategy

1. Tan drew the attraction that the reader appropriate from the start by narrating just how she instantly fell in love with the minister’s son the moment she witnessed her and also prayed for her sleep to it is in American-like. This to adjust the tone for an to chat story that would follow.

2. The author used transitions by indicating what part of the home they were in and also what happened after every event. She began and ended every paragraph through vivid explanation of herself and also her next site which have the right to keep reader interested.

3. The irony in the last i is that also though she didn’t favor practicing her Chinese society and background, she ended up embracing that by realizing after so countless years the on the dinner through her crush and his family, her mom cooked she favorite foods items for her.

4. Paragraph three of the story was a really colorful account that the Chinese food the Tan’s mommy was preparing. The vivid usage of descriptive words and also adjectives were supposed to do the leader imagine precisely what they were eating. The result of this i was for the reader to relate to the feasible reaction the Tan’s crush, who is much more used come American food such together turkey.

Questions on Language.

1. The simile which compared the boy’s skin shade to Mary, the mommy of Jesus Christ, is surprising yet nonetheless effective in show that he is an American. That is funny mainly due to the fact that there were plenty of other similes the Tan could’ve used and yet she chose Mary. In addition, the Chinese room not primarily Catholics.

2. The narrator’s age influenced the ton of the story by making it an ext entertaining 보다 serious. The narrator did no make usage of facility words and also descriptions but rather straightforward account of the events. Language an especially appropriate for fourteen year olds include, “I was choose going to the mall,” “Totally,” and other slang words and also phrases.

3. Tan offered the solid verbs most efficiently in i 5 in i beg your pardon she narrated how she wanted to “disappear” after seeing the reaction of their American guest to the Chinese food and also customs during dinner.

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4. Prawn is a large shrimp while tofu is a food made of soybeans. Clamor method to firmly insist noisily. Grimace is a facial expression to suggest displeasure or disgust. Muster means to conference or lug together.