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"Bridge end Troubled Water" is a song by American music duo Simon & Garfunkel. Developed by the duo and Roy Halee, the song was released as the follow-up single to "The Boxer" in January 1970. The tune is featured on their fifth studio album, bridge over Troubled Water (1970). Written by singer-songwriter Paul Simon, the tune is carry out on piano and also carries the affect of gospel music. The original studio record employs aspects of Phil Spector"s "Wall of Sound" technique using L. A. Session musician from the Wrecking Crew. It was the critical song videotaped for your fifth and final album, but the first fully completed. The song"s instrumentation was videotaped in California while the duo"s vocals were cut in new York. Simon felt his partner, art Garfunkel, need to sing the track solo, an invite Garfunkel initially declined however later accepted. Session musician Larry Knechtel performs piano top top the song, through Joe Osborn playing bass guitar and Hal Blaine closing out the song with drums. The song won 5 awards in ~ the 13th annual Grammy Awards in 1971, including Grammy compensation for document of the Year and Song that the Year.more »

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(Don"t problem the water)I won"t (leave it alone)(Why don"t you, why don"t you, let it be?)(Still water operation deep, correctly it do)I know that(Whoa-o-o-yeah)If you just believe(Don"t trouble the water)Said ns wouldn"t (leave that alone)(Why don"t you, why don"t you, let that be?)(Still water operation deep)Yes that do(Yes the do" whoa-oh-ho yeah)If you only believeWhen you"re down and outWhen you"re ~ above the streetWhen evening drops so hardI will comfort youI"ll take your partOh when darkness comesAnd ache is all, is all aroundJust like a bridge over troubled waterI will lay me down(Like a bridge)Just favor a bridge(Over troubled) end troubled waterI will certainly lay me downSail on silver girlSail on byYour time has involved shineAll the your dreams are on your way(See exactly how they shine?)Ooh and if you ever before need a friend(Need a friend)Look around, I"m sailing best behindJust like a bridgeOver troubled waterI"ll be over there to put me down(Like a bridge)Like a leg over (troubled water) troubled waterI will lay me downOoh I"ll be her bridgeYes ns will(Don"t trouble the water)Said ns wouldn"t(Leave that alone)Well (why don"t you, why don"t you, let that be?)(Still water run deep)I understand that(Yes the do) yeah (oh-oh-oh yeah)Still water (don"t problem the water)Yeah(Leave the alone, why don"t you, why don"t you, let the be)Talking "bout still water(Still water run deep)You understand they operation deep(Yes that do, oh-ho-ho-yeah)Well I"m gonna be your leg yeah!(Don"t problem the water)The troubled water (leave the alone)Oh!(Why don"t you, why don"t you, let the be?)Come top top come onWalk out on me(Still water run deep)Oh(Yes it do)

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Aretha Franklin Aretha Louise Franklin (born in march 25, 1942) is one American musician, singer, songwriter, and also pianist.

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In a recording job that has spanned over fifty percent a century, Franklin"s collection has contained gospel, jazz, blues, R&B, pop, rock and funk. Much more »