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CONTACT BROTHERHOOD eight IN WATERTOWN SD at 605-878-4867 FOR any QUESTIONS concerning THE NICS. Examine , SHIPPING , handling & move FEES TO the end OF STATE FFL DEALERS.
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* authorize UP, REGISTER, log in IN and also BUY THE gun YOU"VE constantly WANTED and ADMIRED**** LOOK at THIS outstanding HANDSOME firearms ONLINE AUCTION and LIVE ON website . MARLIN, RANGER, navy ARMS COMPANY, SAVAGE ,WINCHESTER ,THOMPSON, REMINGTON, STURM, RUGER, KASSNER, TRIUMPH ,U.STEVENS ARMS firm ,SPRINGFIELD, ARGONAUT ARMS, & blacksmith & WESSON. Number of BLACK POWDER! ***REMEMEBER *** WE"RE marketing THE firearms ONLINE & ON website . AMMO. Marketed ON website ONLY.* one AUCTION favor THIS seldom COMES follow me SO save THE DATE and PLAN TO spend * * * THE DAY v US one of two people ON-LINE OR LIVE in ~ THE CODINGTON county EXPO. * weapons WILL command THE way AT 10 AM.* us HAVE operated WITH BROTHERHOOD arms TO do THE NICS CHECKS easy FOR THE BUYER. * THERE will BE A ONE TIME fee OF $ 31.95 NO issue HOW plenty of FIREARMS girlfriend BUY on THIS AUCTION. PLUS the person who lives PAYS carry , SHIPPING & taking care of FEES. * PAYABLE come BROTHERHOOD eight . Phone call # 605-878-4867 * your VALID CONCEAL lug IS no TAKEN into CONSIDERATION. Transfer ,SHIPPING & HANDLING expenses PAID by THE BUYER. * weapons ONLINE NOTES: 1) ONLY firearms / firearms WILL BE sold ONLINE. NO AMMO! 2) HANDGUNS / weapons CAN BE shipped TO AN out OF STATE FFL . DEALER. BUYER has to PAY SHIPPING & transfer FEES. PLEASE speak to BROTHERHOOD eight AT 605-878-4867 3) YOU need to BE 21 + come BUY A HANDGUN. 4) NO AMMO marketed AT THIS guns ONLINE portion OF THE AUCTION. * IF YOU have actually QUESTIONS contact JIM in ~ 605-880-9129.

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Auction terms & conditions * every items offered "AS IS, where IS" v all faults.* every descriptions believed accurate yet not waranteed.* Bidder investigate is encouraged.* By put a bid, bidder signifies that they have examined the item to their satisfaction, or that they have actually chosen not to personally research them.* reserve the best to reject any type of bid at our sole discretion.* SD SALES taxes 6.5%* Buyer"s premium price charged, 10% for web Buyers Only.* credit card and also bank wire transport payment, no checks. 3.5% convience dues on typed credit card use* NICS examine fee that $ 31.95 add to shipping & handling.* NOTHINGS SHIPS until PAYMENT IS CONFIRMED* HANDGUNS can BE shipped TO AN the end OF STATE FFL . DEALER . BUYER needs to PAY SHIPPING & transfer FEES. PLEASE call BROTHERHOOD eight AT 605-878-4867 * for internet-only auctions, we reserve the best to publication and/or reopen the auction in the situation of system failures.--------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------Terms that UseSeller User TermsBidder User Terms
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BIDDING at OUR AUCTION method YOU accept OUR terms & CONDITIONS.Credit cards welcomed with 3.5% convience fee. Because that typed in credit transaction cards. Bank WireTransfersNo checksCash accepted10% Buyers Premium for web Buyers Only.If you bid ~ above line and pick up locally you still salary the 10% buyers Premium .
* Shipping will be v FFL Dealer ,* Brotherhood Arms, 1550 N. Highway 20 Watertown, SD 57201 605-878-4867OPENS AT: 9:00 to be - 7:00 afternoon M-FSATURDAY hours ARE 10:00 to be - 4:00 PM