The weather is obtaining warmer, flowers are breaking ground and reaching because that the sun, and it’s the finish of hibernation for plenty of of our local animals here in Colorado. A few animals that are often overlooked as soon as we talk around spring fever room the ten tiny piggies we’ve been hiding in winter boots because that the previous season. It’s time to set them free, and let them breathe a tiny fresh air. But, before you can let your toes out for the human being to see, a tiny maintenance may be in order.

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Nail polishing remover will certainly eat with your hardwood floor finish


Dropping a cotton round with nail polish remover will instantly eat through the floor complete leaving an ugly mark.

Getting our feet ready for open toed shoes and also sandals is just one that the numerous spring rituals that many of us go through. Yes, even some of your men enjoy a little toenail maintain now and then. But, when you room sitting under to offer yourself a tiny Mani/Pedi, take precaution, gift careless v the pond polish remover deserve to be damaging to your lumber floors and also wood furniture.

We’ve all been there. Us sit down on the couch with all our polish, remover, cotton swabs, Q-tips, and also those little foam toe dividers. Us line increase the next episode the our favorite TV show, and also we sit back for a tiny at residence “spa day”. You placed some acetone or nail polish remover on some cotton and also start to remove old polish. The problem is, you’re distracted by the TV. You don’t think much of it because you’re simply removing polish, something that doesn’t call for your attention. But, together you obtain done through one cotton ball, you toss it aside to begin a new one, proceeding to the next couple of toes.

By the time you room three or four cotton balls deep, you realize the a couple of of those acetone soaked noodle balls have fallen to the floor onto her hardwood floors, and also when you choose them up, you see that the damages has already been done. The acetone has easily eaten with your floor polish, developing light or dull patches. They may be small; they may be difficult to view from a distance, yet once you recognize they are there, they will become an a nuisance and also an eyesore.

If you’ve stained her floors a lot darker than the natural shade of the wood, climate the damaged area will stick out an ext due to the starker comparison in colors.

Fixing slight damage to her hardwood floors

Luckily, for such small imperfections or slight damage to your floors are easy to fix. There are countless stain mite to help you DIY, instead of overreacting and also hiring a whole crew come sand and refinish the entire room. Just make sure you match the color so that you’re not simply creating more variations in your floors. And, as soon as you’ve matched the color, it’s just like using a magic marker on your floors.


For damaged hardwood floors that must be sanded and also refinished, gain a professional to do it for you.

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Existing hardwood floor sanding and refinishing solutions in Colorado

If you regulated to knock end the entire bottle of pond polish remover onto your floors producing a huge damaged area, you might want to consult a expert hardwood flooring craftsman come talk about the best options. Matching the color of the remainder of her floors with a bigger stain may take a skilled to get the project done right. One of two people way, we’re here to guide you.