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Activision's latest videogame has actually Spidey teaming with several of his biggest villains and also allies.

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By Richard George
We're deprived the videogames over here in the Comics channel. If Bozon comes end to show us the latest and also greatest because that the DS and Wii, the 360 and PS3 games sadly remain past our understand in Brisbane. That method we jump at the opportunity to beat anything regarded comics, and also we love it as soon as Activision visits with the latest Marvel Comics videogame.

This October, Spider-Man: girlfriend or Foe will certainly be released because that a range of platforms, consisting of the Xbox 360 and also Playstation 2. While us don't compose previews or reviews of games, us do have 17 bios that Spidey's friends and foes, a trailer, display shots and also an interview. Us snagged among the producers, Jamie Bafus, on the title to provide us some understanding on the style of the game and characters as well as the procedure of writing the initial story for this title. You'll discover her commentary throughout the feature.

The first question many fans will certainly have regarding Friend or Foe is what the video game is all about. Screenshots clearly show characters from the films and many who have never showed up in the trilogy. For this reason what's the deal? "The Spider-Man: girlfriend or opponent story doesn't follow a specific storyline indigenous the comics or films but it does traction in elements from both," claimed Bafus. "We relied rather a little on the comics as recommendation for the previous relationships Spider-Man has had with some the supervisor Hero and Super rogue sidekick characters, wherein they've traveled and also what some of their unique situations have been, therefore we might make ours adventure feel true come the universe."

Silver Sable

Biography: silver Sable is the mercenary leader the the Wild Pack. The worldwide threat of the PHANTOMS persuaded her to lend she combat skills to S.H.I.E.L.D. No stranger to tactical combat, she is a great asset on the battlefield.

Power Moves: Triple Toss, Beam Blaster

Playable On: 360, PS2


Biography: Prowler to be a burglar by trade until that joined silver- Sable's Wild Pack. Using his pneumatic gauntlets, he have the right to fire highly compressed canisters the knockout gas. His calm composure is fine suited come the warm of battle.

Power Moves: Pnuematic Blast, Canister Barrage

Playable On: 360, PS2

Black Cat

Biography: Black Cat's skills are best suited come the art of infiltration, however she is no pushover in a fight. Her grappling hook, usually employed to rise walls, is a quick and also efficient weapon in her capable hands.

Power Moves: Heaven's Claw, Tornado Claw

Playable On: 360, PS2, DS, PSP

through the storyline borrowing facets from the films, just how did the desrememberingsomer.comers go about determining what look at to entrust to what villain? What was their goal v Friend or Foe? Bafus explained: "We absolutely blended the Spider-Man comics and films with our art format so that every one of the characters would feel favor they belonged in the very same world. Us wanted every one of them come be instantly recognizable but, in ~ the same time, have a distinctive feel the was special to the game. The desrememberingsomer.coms the our principle artist created captured this perfectly - you acknowledge that eco-friendly Goblin's costume is indigenous the film, yet it tho fits in the same people as the an ext classic black color Cat architecture from the comics."

Doctor Octopus

Biography: Doc Ock's relentless search of mechanical perfection caused the creation of his robotic tentacles. Back originaly draft as devices to manage dangerous materials, he makes fantastic use of lock in combat.

Power Moves: Steel Trap, Tentacle Terror

Playable On: 360, PS2, DS, PSP

Green Goblin

Biography: Green Goblin is a prime example of maniacal genius. Enhanced by a stamin serum and aided by one arsenal that high technology weaponry, eco-friendly Goblin is an ext than a enhance for any PHANTOM that comes his way.

Power Moves: Razor Bats, Electro-Storm

Playable On: 360, PS2, DS, PSP


Biography: Scorpion used to make his living together a thug because that hire, making use of his mechanical based tail come terrorize foes. Although he is a formidable fighter to have at her side, his volatile temper is a attention liability.

Power Moves: Tail Terror, Plasma Blast

Playable On: 360, PS2

What, you desire some video to accompany all of the text and also images? Fine. Activision released a trailer today reflecting off some of the epic ceo battles in Friend or Foe. Store in mind that many of the baddies you face will ultimately join your cause! when you're exploring this new trailer, be sure to take a look at at few of the previous ones if friend haven't checked out them before.

Iron Fist

Biography: Iron Fist got his strength from the mystical love of a spirit dragon. With this power he can speak to upon his chi come create an effective forces the energy. That is also said the he can summon the dragon itself.

Power Moves: Iron Fist, Dragon Spirit

Playable On: 360, PS2, PSP


Biography: Rhino isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, yet if you need that melted smashed there's no better man for the job. He is incredibly solid and is capable of putting the horn ~ above his head to great use in battle.

Power Moves: Horn Charge, earth Shaker

Playable On: 360, PS2, PSP


Biography: Lizard to be a successful university professor till a botched experiment adjusted him into a reptile. The is searching the people for a cure, however makes good use the the magnified agility and strength the his existing state.

Power Moves: Tail Typhoon, Lightning Lunge

Playable On: 360, PS2

v a story and also characters based on the movies and comics, exactly how did the team recognize what personalities would make the cut? The movies have just debuted so plenty of friends and foes, however the comics have over 40 years to attract from! we asked Bafus this precise question. She reply: "During the planning process, us actually invested a many time researching the various, potential sidekicks. It was really funny to pour v the Spider-Man comics, referral books, and online sites and also then tap into our team's collective knowledge the the Spider-Man Universe. We, that course, take it a look at our favorites, who we would certainly all want to play, and who we've liked from past games. However, it really came down to that would make the ideal sidekicks in combat and how cool we can make every of their unique abilities.

"There to be the apparent choices, prefer Venom and also Doc Ock, yet we also wanted come take few of the lesser known characters who we have never watched in games, favor Prowler and also Iron Fist, and also do part really fun points with castle that would feel new and really distinct to our game. Also some of the much more familiar characters, prefer Scorpion and Silver Sable, obtained a tiny different therapy so lock didn't feel like past incarnations."


Biography: Sandman's whole body is created of necessary sand. Situations have compelled him to run from the law, however he is a good man in ~ heart. His shape shifting abilities room quite an effective on the battlefield.

Power Moves: Sandblast, Sandstorm

Playable On: 360, PS2, DS, PSP


Biography: Blade was born v the all the powers of a vampire, but none that the weaknesses. His vampire hunting equipment is just as useful against the PHANTOMS and also he is quite willing to use them.

Power Moves: Blade-Rang, EMP Barrage

Playable On: 360, PS2, DS, PSP


Biography: Venom is written of an extraterrestrial symbiote that fell from outerspace. He is vicious and unpredictable, but his contempt for the symbiote-powered PHANTOMS is one asset no to it is in wasted

Power Moves: Venomous Breath, Symbiote Spikes

Playable On: 360, PS2, DS, PSP

as comic book videogames grow an ext complex, so execute their stories. Critical year Activision hired Marvel's C.B. Cebulski to help script Marvel: can be fried Alliance. For Friend or Foe, the company asked Brian Reed, ideal known because that his occupational on Ms. Marvel and also New Avengers: The Illuminati to pitch in. Before his constant work at Marvel Comics, Reed collaborated with popular writer Brian Bendis on the Ultimate Spider-Man videogame. Us asked producer Jamie Bafus to talk a bit about Reed's involvement.

" really brought a fantastic sense of humor and knowledge that the Spider-Man universe to the game," stated Bafus. "He has additionally worked in the gamings industry for plenty of years for this reason his understanding of how style works and what we deserve to do in ~ the game to bring the story come life made the a really collaborative experience."


Biography: Spider-Man was simply a boy until the day the he to be bitten through a radioactive spider. His endure in fighting super-powered threats makes him the perfect human being to take care of the PHANTOM invasion.

Power Moves: Web heat Attacks, Webbing Blasts, Webbing Bombs

Playable On: 360, PS2, DS, PSP

Black suit Spider-Man

Biography: The Black-Suit enhances Spider-Man's strength and also makes him a an extremely dangerous combatant. Return the suit is volatile, it evens the odds versus the symbiote-powered PHANTOM forces.

Power Moves: Web heat Attacks, Webbing Blasts, Webbing Bombs

Playable On: 360, PS2, DS, PSP

New Goblin/Harry Osborn

Biography: New Goblin carries the weapons of his predecessor right into battle. V razor-bats, pumpkin bombs and also electrical gauntlets he deserve to deal huge amount of damages to the PHANTOM troops.

Power Moves: Razor Bats, Electro-Storm

Playable On: 360, PS2, PSP

and also you thought we to be done! The PSP actually has two characters obtainable only on its version. We couldn't happen up providing details on these two, despite sadly we weren't able to secure arts from the game for them. Still, you deserve to anticipate play as Carnage and Electro if friend play Friend or Foe on your PSP next month.


Biography: Carnage, exclusive come the PSP and unlockable v multiplayer, is a symbiote offspring of the venom symbiote. The selection of symbiote-based powers he possesses allows him to use his super-human strength and also resistance to injury when fighting for the cause.

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Power Moves: Unknown

Playable On: PSP


Biography: Electro, exclusive to the PSP and also the ceo of the Undercity, is a living electrical capacitor, it is provided by the micro-fine rhythmic muscle contractions that usually regulate human body temperature. With his ability to generate electrostatic energy, the is a worthy sidekick. His very fingertips are an effective against the phantoms.

Power Moves: Unknown

Playable On: PSP

similar to any brand-new entry in a bigger franchise, fans will desire to know what makes the new better and different from the old. Bafus had this to say as soon as asked what makes Friend or Foe special: "Spider-Man: girlfriend or opponent is pretty various from recent Spider-Man gamings both in arts style and also gameplay. We've bring away a action away indigenous the open up world and also locomotion-based totally free swinging and also focused ~ above combat and also the cool points Spider-Man have the right to do v his web abilities.

"We've likewise included both supervisor Hero and also Super rogue sidekicks in the mix and also have come up with cases that require Spider-Man to actually work with this sidekicks fairly than it is in the solitary hero we're used to seeing. Spidey additionally travels outside of new York and he is trial and error his powers against a hold of enemies and also situations he's never seen before. Lastly, we're letting players actually play as some of Spider-Man's most famous villains such together Venom, eco-friendly Goblin and Sandman and also they actually become part of a player's personality roster."