If you need a leprechaun resolve for your St. Patrick’s job coronavirus quarantine, these movies and TV reflects will carry out the trick


"The happy of the Irish" (1948)  Tyrone power plays a reporter who travels native Ireland to new York, with a leprechaun in ~ his side together a servant and also guide.

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"Darby O"Gill and the small People" (1959) This Disney film, which significant one of scotsman Sean Connery"s an initial major Hollywood roles, focused on an ireland caretaker"s effort to record the king the the leprechauns.


"Bewitched" - The Leprechaun (1966) Of food the witches that Bewitched encountered various other magical creatures ~ above the long-running sitcom.

"Finian"s Rainbow" (1968)  Francis Ford Coppola command this music fantasy, starring Fred Astaire as an Irishman who steals a leprechaun"s pot that gold and also emigrates come the U.S.

"Twilight Zone" - The Leprechaun Artist (1986) This Season 1 illustration of the 1980s reboot complies with three teenagers who record a leprechaun and also are granted 3 wishes.

"Getting Lucky" (1990) In one Aladdin-like twist, a leprechaun in a beer party grants a teen three desire -- including a date with the warm cheerleader, that course.

"Leprechaun" series (1993-) Warwick Davis played an evil leprechaun in the first film in the slasher-horror franchise.

"The happy of the Irish" (2001) A teens (Ryan Merriman) war an evil leprechaun because that a yellow charm in this Disney movie.

"South Park" - Imaginationland (2007) After Cartman bets the gang that he"s seen a leprechaun, they carry out in fact discover one -- who advises them of a terrorist threat. 

"The Simpsons" - many episodes Leprechauns have been recurring personalities throughout the series" run. 

"Red Clover"/"Leprechaun"s Revenge" (2012) This Syfy movie, which had actually multiple titles, stars Billy Zane as a sheriff battling a killer leprechaun.

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