I"ve acquired a feeling we can be serious, girl; ideal at this moment, I can promise girlfriend the world. Before we go crazy, before we explode, There"s other "bout me, baby, you gained to know, You gained to know.

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I acquire off ~ above "57 Chevys; I acquire off ~ above screaming guitar. Choose the way it it s okay me every time it hits me. I"ve acquired a rock and roll, I"ve acquired a rock and roll heart. Feels choose we"re falling right into the arms of the night, for this reason if you"re no ready, don"t it is in holdin" me therefore tight. I guess there"s nothing left because that me come explain; Here"s what you"re gettin" and I don"t want to change,
i don"t desire to change. ns don"t must glitter, no Hollywood, all you got to execute is lay it down and you lay it down good.




When ns was a tiny kid i really assumed he was talking around literally tatting off on 57 Chevy"s. LMFAO!!!!!!!

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I can"t think around this song without also thinking of permit Me role It to You, by P.M. & Wings. In mine mind they simply go together.

I always thought this track was referred to as "57 Chevy"