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Rush Hour 2(2001)
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Label:Def JamLabel number:586216
Running time:not on fileShipping date:July 31st, 2001
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Album Tracklist
1.Area password - Ludacris<3:43>
2.Mine, Mine, Mine - Montell Jordan<3:41>
3.Party.... - technique Man / Teddy Riley<3:11>
4.No - Kandice Love<4:24>
5.I"m earlier - Keith Murray<3:48>
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Soundtrack Q & A
Q:Hello. In this movie there"s a tune which James Carter (Chris Tucker) is "singing" in the Hong Kong bar, like karaoke. Would certainly really evaluate if you could tell me the surname of that track - artist and also title?! Thanks.(from Kl3m0in Latvia, Riga)
A:"Don"t protect against Till You acquire Enough" initially by Michael Jackson. (thanks to Anthony,N. Chicago)add more info
Q:What is the name of the song and also artist the sings the track that sounds likes Sting"s "Every Breath girlfriend Take"?(from speedy310in NJ)
A:Puff dad or P. Diddy or Diddy... Too numerous name changes. Track is referred to as "I"ll Be lacking You." (thanks come sauber,Toronto, ON, Canada)add more info
Q:What"s the song the asian girl is to sing "...I"m so right into you..." in the back seat?(from Candyin Canada)
A:"Fantasy" by Mariah Carey. (thanks to anthony,Chicago, IL)add an ext info
Q:What is the track Jackie Chan is listening to in the auto after he thinks Carter died?(from Director5455in lengthy Beach, CA, USA)
A:Puff Daddy"s "I"ll Be missing You" (thanks to anthony,Chicago, IL)add more info
Q:What"s the track playing in ~ the finish of the movie just prior to the closing credits?(from sagarin bangalore,india)
A:"Let"s Bounce" by Chic featuring Erick Sermon. (thanks to Hitu,Chandigarh, Punjab, India)add an ext info
Q:What"s the tune playing in the credits?(from Paulin Argentina)
A:"Let"s Bounce" - Chic (thanks to Mr. Giggles,New York)add more info
Q:What song execute Lee and also Carter dance to before the credits????(from peterin AUSTRKIa)
A:"Going earlier To Cali" by LL Cool J (thanks to Ace,Seattle Wshington)add an ext info
Q:I have read the the Taiwan singer Teresa Teng had a track in this movie. Is this true? and also where walk it appear in the movie?...from Markin carmel valley, ca(answer Mark"s question)
Q:Hello. What is the name of music that starts native 0:00 - 0:35 seconds in sirloin Hour 2 Bloopers prior to the credits begin in movie. It"s not included in soundtrack, however there need to be a method to find out. Here"s the scene....from Nikolain Slovenia, Europe(answer Nikola"s question)
Q:What"s the track playing when Chris and also Jackie space in the car and Jackie puts on the beach Boys and Chris then transforms it?...from Ashleyin Torrance(answer Ashley"s question)
Q:What"s the instrumental song in ~ the credits when a gay guy talks to kris & Jackie? It"s a song with clavicords indigenous the 70s its the last one. (not "Outta Space" of Billy Preston)....from Joeyin Santiago, Chile(answer Joey"s question)
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