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I would like to know around this pistol. What ammo have the right to I use? how much is that worth? The only info on pistol is serial #4286XX, and XXII on right side by trigger. That is make in Italy.

The keep I operated for marketed a ton that those in the early on 1960"s. Many worked, however unfortunately, Jesse"s suffer was no uncommon. Anyone planning to use a Galesi for serious purposes should see if it will certainly fire 200 rounds without a failure before counting top top it.Jim

I have nearly the exact same gun. XIX, Soc.It.F.lli Galesi-Brescia-Cal.6.35. Anybody understand where ns can find a fairly priced magazine at?
I"ve to be collecting these tiny autos for many years consisting of the Berettas, Bernadellis, etc., and also I think girlfriend will discover a yellow plated instance in nice form worth at least $225. Several of the manufacturing facility engraved models have actually reached and also even surpassed $500 in recent years. Because that anyone interested, I deserve to supply a factory original crate for the Galesi. My e-mail:
Reasonably priced?, therein lies the problem, what is reasonably to you , the is the unknown factor.?? ns hit google and also there"s a variety of them listed? I would certainly think if they have actually it and you desire it , then that is a reasonable price. The gun has actually been the end of production for 50 years.

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I bought a Galesi. I have had it for around a month and finally acquired a possibility to take it it come the selection this last weekend. My an initial impression is the it may an extremely well it is in the most inaccurate pistol i have ever before fired. I knew there to be a crack in the white tight inserts. By the 2nd magazine, the broke. Ns order brand-new ones. Ns put around 10 magazines (7 rounds) through it. Ns did not have actually a solitary magazine that did not experience problems. Greatly failure to eject completely. When I had actually a dual feed jam. ~ above the critical magazine, ns shot and also heard a "phhhtt!" i looked and there was a bullet only fifty percent out that the barrel. Ns should have taken a snapshot before i punched the out with a small screwdriver. In ~ this allude I to be blaming everything (except the grips) top top ammo of one unknown origin and age. Ns will find some "fresh" ingredient and shot it again.