Scary phone number to call. This numbers room supposedly cursed and also have metropolitan legends connected with them. WARNING: us recommend that you execute NOT contact these numbers.

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666-666-6666 or 1-666-666-6666

For years, human being all over the people have been receiving creepy messages from the phone number 666-666-6666 or 1-666-666-6666. Some people believe these phone call calls come indigenous the devil. In plenty of cases, the calls do not present up on the phone call bill.

“We were in a auto going home one night as soon as our friend obtained a contact on his cell phone from (666) 666-6666. He never ever picked increase the phone and also we also joked about how the evil one was calling that from hell. Number of minutes later on he received a voice mail. Now this was the oddest voice mail i have ever before heard. That sounded prefer a hole voice and also there was a lot revolution in the background. Us were only able to determine a pair of words, however it scared the **shizzle** the end of us. And for some factor the article was erased several hours later, and there to be no authorize of it on his bill.”


According to an metropolitan legend in Thailand, 999-9999 is a cursed number. If you call it and make a wish, your wish will certainly be granted. However, you will die soon afterwards in a freak accident.

Red Numbers

In Pakistan, world were warning each various other not to pick up call from numbers that appeared on the screen in red. They declared these were “Cursed phone call Numbers” or “Death Calls”. Apparently, if girlfriend answered the call, you would hear a high frequency signal that would cause you to have a brain hemorrhage, death you instantly. There to be reports that dozens of civilization had currently been killed by comment calls from these sinister numbers.


In Japan, the number 090-4444-4444 was known as “Sadako’s Number”. If you contact the number, you are supposed to be able to hear part strange, creepy noise. Lock say that anyone who calls the number will die in ~ a week in some type of accident. In Japan, the number 4 (shi) sounds like the word for “death” (shi). Sadako to be the ghost indigenous The Ring movies, so it is feasible this number was set up to encourage the movies.


In some asian countries, world claimed the the phone call number 1-000-000-0000 to be cursed. If you referred to as it, you would certainly hear a masculine voice telling you the if girlfriend did not call 15 or an ext people and also tell them around the cursed number, you would die.


In the USA, over there is an city legend around the phone number 666. They say the if you call it, you will contact the devil.

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“All of my friends case to have tried it through varying results… some say naught happened, part say lock heard eerie music, others say they heard satanic noises.”

1 (207) 404-2604

This number was set up to encourage the fear movie Carrie. At the finish of the trailer because that the movie, it claimed “Call Carrie” and also the number to be displayed. When you call the number, a various number calls you ago three times with creepy messages. The very first is horrified screaming, the second is spooky singing and also the third is scary whispering.

Dialing the Dead

I read this in a publication of true ghost stories. Human being who were youngsters in the 1970s declared that in the UK, there to be a mysterious number that might be dialed for cost-free in a payphone. Once the call was picked up, you would certainly hear a woman’s voice saying, over and also over, “Help Me, aid Me, Susie’s Dying.”

“Back in 1975 once I to be 9 years old, few of the children I hung approximately with insisted we all pile into the nearest phone box to listen a spooky message. I think the number friend dialed was made up of 0s, 1s and also 2s and you didn’t have to insert any money. You could hear a woman speaking in a curiously monotone voice, saying “Help me, assist me, Susie’s dying!” over and over. Periodically she claimed “Help me, help me, Susie’s drowning!” constantly in the very same monotonous voice.”

“I deserve to remember cramming into a phone crate with assorted other children to hear the strange “Susie’s dying” message. I cannot psychic the number dialed.”

“I remember the secret messages and the scary voice as soon as I was a child and we to be playing v the old red call boxes. As I remember, you placed a coin in the slot and also dialed 20 20 20 20 and also the voice on the other end would it is in crackly however audible, saying, “Help me, Susie’s dying”, which would certainly send us kids running in every directions.”

“I have actually a vivid memory of the strange phone message. I was with three various other girls indigenous school and also we to be messing roughly in a phone box, calling random numbers. Among the girls said she knew a number girlfriend could contact to hear a “spooky message”. Ns think there to be 3s and also 2s in it. Once she called this number us all heard the “Susie’s dying” message. Needless come say, us were every freaked the end by this.”