Ray Bradbury uses similes transparent his novel Fahrenheit 451 to connect or emphasize characteristics of people and things. For example, that compares Montag"s false joy to a mask, emphasizing the he is pretending to it is in something the he is not.

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A simile is a figure of decided in which 2 unlike things are contrasted using the native like or as. This is no to be confused with a metaphor, which additionally compares two unlike things but does so there is no the usage of like or as . Similes and...

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A simile is a number of speech in which two unlike points are contrasted using the indigenous like or as. This is no to be confused with a metaphor, which also compares 2 unlike things but does so there is no the usage of like or as. Similes and metaphors attain the very same goals, but they differ in how they perform so. Because that example, "His heart is choose gold" compares someone"s heart to gold with the use of the word like; therefore, that is an instance of a simile. If the very same comparison between a heart and gold is made there is no the use of like or as, it would be an instance of a metaphor: "His love is gold."

Similes room used frequently in ray Bradbury"s novel Fahrenheit 451. Right here are some instances of similes from the an initial part of the book, licensed has been granted "The Hearth and the Salamander":

Bradbury uses a simile to explain Clarisse"s face: "She had a really thin face like the dial of a tiny clock" (12). That compares the girl"s challenge to the dial the a clock. Shortly after, he defines her using a simile again, this time compare her face to a mirror: "How prefer a mirror, too, her face" (13). The compares her challenge to a mirror to communicate her face"s capacity to reflect the feelings and also emotions the those who look ~ above it.

Bradbury uses a simile to describe Montag"s facial expression:

He feel his smile slide away, melt, fold over, and down top top itself favor a tallow skin, like the ingredient of a great candle burning too long and now collapsing and now blown the end (14).

He compare Montag"s fading laugh to the melting wax of a candle that has been left burn for also long. A simile is offered again to explain Montag: "He wore his joy like a mask..." (14). Montag"s false delight is contrasted to a mask, emphasizing the he is pretending to it is in something he is not.

Bradbury uses a simile to define Montag"s entry right into his bedroom: "It was like coming into the cold marbled room of a mausoleum after ~ the moon had actually set" (14). The bedroom is equivalent to a mausoleum since of exactly how cold, dark, and dreary that is and likewise because that the feel of dread that evokes. Montag is filled with dread upon opened the door to his bedroom, as one would be top top entering a mausoleum.

Bradbury supplies a simile to explain Mildred"s appearance just prior to Montag discovers the she has overdosed: "Her confront was like a snow-covered island upon which rain could fall" (16). Bradbury to compare Mildred"s face to a snowy island, showing how cold and distant she is.

A simile is a number of speech that compares two various things. Regularly the things room nothing alike at an initial glace, yet the comparison helps bring to light features of each the a person could not have noticed before.

One side note, the web page numbers that ns will administer might not enhance up properly with her book. There are a lot of various printed versions of the book, for this reason there can be some discrepancy between my pages and your pages.

Page 4: Montag is talking to Clarisse and also she says the following: 

"Oh, just my mother and also father and uncle sit around, talking. It"s favor being a pedestrian, just rarer. Mine uncle was arrested another time-did ns tell you?-for being a pedestrian. Oh, we"re most peculiar."

Later top top that same page, Montag defines her face. He explains it together the following: 

She had a an extremely thin face like the dial the a small clock seen faintly in a dark room in the middle of a night once you waken to watch the time and also see the clock informing you the hour and the minute and the second, v a white silence and a glowing, all certainty and knowing what it has to tell of the night passing swiftly on toward further darknesses yet moving additionally toward a new sun.

Moments later, Montag explains her challenge with one more simile. 

He glanced ago at the wall. Just how like a mirror, too, her face. Impossible; for exactly how many human being did you understand that refracted your own light come you?

Then automatically following that thought, Bradbury uses a simile to explain Clarisse"s demeanor. 

What remarkable power of to know the girl had; she was favor the eager watcher that a marionette show, anticipating each flicker of an eyelid, each gesture of his hand, each flick that a finger, the moment prior to it began.

Montag"s thoughts around Clarisse stand in stark contrast to his thoughts around his wife on page five.

His wife stretched on the bed, uncovered and also cold, choose a body displayed on the lid that a tomb, her eyes addressed to the ceiling by invisible threads of steel, immovable.

Figurative language to add a deeper measurement to writers" descriptions and expressions the thought. Bradbury supplies figurative language to effect. At times, his similes reflect the character who speaks. For instance, in part II, Mrs. Bowles, a friend of Mildred, describes the advantages of having a soldier for a husband. She claims that she has two children, however she "plunks" them into school ripe days out of ten. Then, she says,

I placed up through them once they come home three work a month...You heave them into the "parlor" and turn the switch. It"s like washingclothes; ingredient laundry in and slam the lid." 

Also in this section of the novel, Montag, that has begun to steal publications is at the fire station and the males are playing poker. Beatty has actually just tossed a book in the rubbish can.

In Beatty"s sight, Montag feeling the guilt that his hands. His fingers were like ferrets that had actually done some evil and now never ever rested, always stirred and picked and hid in pockets, moving from under Beatty"s alcohol-flame stare.

As the men play cards, Beatty laughs and also tells Montag to keep his hands above the table. Together he speaks, he price quotes Alexander Pope, revealing exactly how well review he is,

"Words are prefer leaves and where they most abound,Much fruit of feeling beneath is seldom found."

Montag is okay at ease at the table together Beatty talks.

Silence. Montag sat like a sculpted white stone.

Then, the firemen obtain a call. As they drive, Montag recalls when he do the efforts to read to them.

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How  like trying to placed out fires through water pistols, just how senseless and insane. 

Bradbury offers "extended similes". Castle are longer and much more involved.

pg 48: "The electrical thimble moved favor a praying mantis on the pillow, touched by she hand."

pg 37: "A publication lit, practically obediently, like a white pigeon, in his hands, wing fluttering. "

pg 37: "Montag"s hand closed prefer a mouth, crushed the publication with wild devotion, v an insanity that mindlessness to his chest."

pg 31: "Montag, friend shin the pole like a bird up a tree."

pg 10: " She had a really thin face like the dial that a little clock seen faintly in the dark room in the center of a night once you waken to watch the time and see the clock informing you the hour and the minute and the second, v a white silence and a glowing, every certainty and knowing what it had to call of the night passing promptly on toward further darknesses, however moving als towards a brand-new sun."