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The SPC900GM Sharp Atomic wall surface Clock can be used at the office or at home, and can be put on any wall or her desk. It attributes atomic accuracy, an alarm with a snooze, displays month, date and also day, & has a jumbo digital display screen that renders it basic to check out from a considerable distance away. This is the can be fried all-in-one clock!

The SPC900GM Sharp Atomic wall surface Clock comes through a 915mhz 300 feet out wireless sensor. You"ll never have to concern about setting anything on your atomic clock together it update automatically. Comes in a sleek black & titanium silver architecture that looks an excellent in any room.

Brand brand-new SPC900GM Sharp Atomic wall Clock w/ Wireless Sensor!Extremely specific atomic radio managed movement Alarm with snoozeDisplays month, date & day, and also adjusts automatically4 AA batteries essential (NOT INCLUDED) 4 time area - pacific, mountain, central, and eastern accurate within one 2nd per year Auto adjust for daylight save time displays indoor and also outdoor temperatureStand for workdesk useJumbo digital display that"s easy to readOutdoor wireless sensorBlack v titanium silver accentsProduct Condition: Brand NewPart Number: SPC900GM2 Year Warranty: (1 Year Manufacturer guarantee + 1 Year rememberingsomer.com Warranty!)

Has these buttons top top the back, from left come right: Time, Up, Down, Max/Min; second row: Alm on/off, Sync, Channel, C/F. Additionally has a snooze bar.  has actually a small hole marked 'reset'; three other tiny holes with no proviso what they are for.  problem started once I lastly had to change batteries and it is impossible to get whatever reset.  ns bought this in ~ Sam's Club about 3 year ago.

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complicated to Use set up is very hard come do; can't find manual and also am about to offer up and also throw it the end the earlier door.