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I have actually a 2003 Honda Pilot130,000 MilesAll maintain performed on scheduleNew time belt & spark plugsENGINE point out LIGHT and VTM-4 light come on simultaneously - both space SOLID lamp (freeway
60 Mph)VTM-4 Light will go off as soon as engine is restarted & come back on around 10 minutes right into driving it.I had to wait a week to get it in come the mechanic. Throughout the week, the Engine light went turn off on it"s own ... HmmmWent come mechanic to find the codes to be clearedToday, Engine indication light started flashing and also the VTM-4 light come on SOLID. (traveling ~ above freeway at 60Mph)Stopped the car, turn it turn off ... Felt exit ... Waited 10 minutes, restarted the car:ENGINE LIGHT: SOLIDVTM-4: OFFWhat is walking on????? Dealer said I need to wait a week to acquire it in ~ they don"t seem involved ... Possibly they"re hope it"ll malfunction & I"ll through a brand-new car?????? any kind of ideas????
Mine walk thatMine go that, once a RAT do a nest under the intake manifold. Reportedly the anti-knock sensor is best in the center of Mr. Rat"s nest, so he chewed it off. The dealer said me this to be not unusual for Pilots and Odysseys. Ns think it was close to $400 come fix.Jeff
Run to her auto components store and also get a OBD II code scanner. I hemmed and hawed about those lights comes on and also borrowed a password scanner. It turned out to be the EGR valve in my case but it could be other as basic as a exhausted gas cap seal. Get the code and you"ll recognize if it"s major/minor take into consideration that the code reader paid because that itself when it"s something basic like the gas cap.I ended up buying what ns borrowed. A scangauge II. It"s a actual nice toy to tweak your driving behavior into getting better mileage.

I likewise had this same problem, yet in my instance it occurred on a road trip, 300 mile from home. I had just fueled up at a gas station where the mid-grade was cheaper than the regular, for this reason I supplied it. That must have been cheaper because it to be so old they were trying to eliminate it. The lights came on much less than 5 minutes later. Some normal gasoline and also they at some point cleared themselves.I"m not saying this is the only feasible cause - only that those two lights comes on SEEM really serious, and also they may not be. Mine guess is miscellaneous emissions-related, but the possibilities room many.

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